Anyone Know His Name? Is this Michelle???

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I found this old picture of Obama but i dont know who his buddy is, i never seen him before. Does anyone know who he is, i think they were college friends or something.

I don't know for sure but does Michelle Obama have a brother or sister? Im just wondering because Obama is already wearing a wedding ring in the picture and his buddy kinda looks like Michelle. So this must be Michelle's brother right?????

Im confused....


Where did you get this picture? It looks like a photoshop of this:


Actully the one you posted looks photoshopped to me. The head is too big and you cant see and shadows on the neck. The other picture looks like the original in my opinion. I thought it did look like Michelle though. Funny.




Are these photo shopped too? I mean i dont want to believe it BUT, those kids dont look like Obamas to me. For some reason they actully look like the Blanchards who are extremely good friends of the Obamas. The Blanchards went to the WH over 250 times, does that seem odd to anyone? Look at these pictures for yourself.

Ill just leave this here because i have NO IDEA what my eyes are looking at here. I do know this video was shot the day the Obamas dropped off the oldest daughter at college. I never see any women grab their crotch like that. Something seems to be loose inside her pants.

This dancing on the deep state Ellen DeGeneres show was odd as well dont you think?

Then there was this one. I thought he said "My Mike" but then he cought

And the US still was afraid of Hillary so much that it elected Putins clown. Unbelievable

I knew you were a snowflake liberal, i just had to flush you out. 🤣🤣🤣

I wasn't hiding ;)
I see you are really into Mikels pinnes.
All I am saying is live and let live. I agree with you though on seeking for truth and punish for lies.

I guess lots of sensitve women foget when they were married. She sounded really confused and flustered here.

Maybe he's someone they don't want to disclose

This is clearly a PhotoShopped hack job from the original pic of Barack and Michelle. And a bad Shopjob at that. The guy still has some of Michelle’s hair flowing out from his otherwise close-cropped head.