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So I found a great website called where one can buy limited edition prints that also double as a crypto cold storage wallet. What a great idea. All three of these are limited to 1/30 and each includes a wallet you can scan to easily send Bitcoin and seveal others to. I decided to buy 2 prints to store some BTC and one print to store some LTC. All three have a keycode that can retrieve the coins by pealing a "sticker" on the back of the print that would reveal the private keys to the wallet. I took them all to a local frame shop to dress them up a little and hopefully if everything goes well with BTC in the future these can be passed down as some valuable art work.

Thanks for checking them out.






So... are you gonna turn your snowman into an artpiece that doubles as a cold wallet?

LOL I don't know why I always remember that snowman, it was one of the first posts I read on the blockchain back in 2018.

I like the litecoin art :)

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The snowman! How funny. How you been?

I have been great thanks for asking.

I am in escrow, upgrading my living quarters, and staying out of crowds.

Nice to see you back.

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Yea i was a lil burned out. Thanks brother.

That is pretty awesome! Do they give you some kind of guarantee that the private key hasn't been stored somewhere or accessed by them? I really like the artwork on these. A little bit of a steampunk motif in some of them!

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yes it all explained on the website and in a few short videos. they sell several different styles and different types of coins. I am sure they will have more to come as well.

That is really cool! Thanks for the reply! I might have to check it out! I should probably figure out my Ledger first though!

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NFT's creating a lot of Buzz this time incredible time for every artist even for a long run these looks amazing to Collect

Welcome back dear friend @broncnutz

Really its looking cool art with the crypto coin logo, its being new idea with the crypto and art.

You are back! Glad to see it!

I have never heard anything like this, but, what a novel idea. I hope you are doing well (and your family!) and you are well-rested and found some balance. You work too hard, and then you volunteer your services after that.

Glad you are back. Thanks for the site.

Thanks for the Upvote!

Such a nice piece of art (the concept of the first one in particular is very interesting), @broncnutz.

I will also have to check the site out to try it and see how things goes

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Queen Scotia

Wao what a beautiful portrait

This is an interesting piece of art, and a presentable concept. you did well

amazing crypto art!