LEFTY IS BACK?!?!?!?!?

Bag o' Donuts! 🤣

Hopes and prayers for the results of your pardon! ;)

He comes out every now and again.

Hey Broncnuts... that's quite the story! Too bad I couldn't understand quite a bit of it.
I have trouble hearing what you are saying because the background music is interfering with what you are saying.
Is there any chance that you could either drop the music altogether while you speak, or at least lower the volume of the background music to about a quarter of the volume of your voice?
I once made a video where the music was very quiet in the background and I got quite a few complaints about how people couldn't hear the narrative, even though I had no problem with understanding everything being said, so now I make sure any background music is either extremely quiet, to the point where it is barely audible when the narrative is there and one mainly hears it when the speaker is silent, or to stop background music entirely while the narrative is ongoing.

Your intro is pretty cool; did you make it yourself? If so, what software did you use to make it?

Yea i agree it was too loud. Next time much lower for sure. I had a friend make the intro but you could probably contract someone to make one for you on Fiver or some other site.


I'm not a blogger, so don't need an intro video for myself, but I'm always interested in learning new things, so have dabbled with Blender. I'm no artist, so can't draw very well, but I can build models and use those in Blender to create some pretty neat things.

Great introduction!!!

Intro is really awesome. Cheers!

You seen the soy boy suffering delusions of grandeur on his post going on about how to accomplish deprogramming Trump supporters. He's completely gone over the edge.

He so far gone its unbelievable......its gonna be fun knowing what we know. 17

Philly has been corrupt forever

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Thank you SO MUCH for your vote today!
Will you be posting again?
I'd like that. :)