Damn, that's going to taste amazing. Love my Treager I got last year. Used to hunt a lot, need to get back into it. All the best....from Brooklyn

Hey thanks man!

Lol. You really an og. Nothing tastes better than some old fashion smoked fish. Fresh meat or fish does it for me

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Is that a red meat? I love 'em a lot!😄

love you a lot you always appreciate me with love

Do you hunt by yourself?

not usually. i mean there is a group of 5 of us in the same area (on the same massive mountain) but we are actually hunting alone.

Do you work on other tasks in the woods like animal counting? That's really interesting to me.
I actually live on a hill in a hut I bought from hunters, it used to be a hunting lodge, a few miles away they moved to a bigger one. Since I live in a virgin forest, home of about 600 brown bears, I thought I should get some basic skills from neighbour hunters.
I am very supportive of self-sufficiency in any way, ride on!