Falsehood and Fallacy; Analyzing an Error of the Mind...

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Hello again, dear Steemians!

In our series of articles about mental distortions and mind errors, we analyze the strangest thought patterns that compel human beings to make mistakes.

At the end of the day, no one could deny that our mind is mingled with mistakes and thoughts that may not be entirely logical or true.

Our emotions often cloud our judgement and our sense of moral obligations drive us to see something in a different light compared to those who are around us.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about falsehoods that our mind convinces us to see as the unbridled truth.

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One of the first and most important of these fallacies is about fate and control, and it manifests itself in two different ways; thinking that we have absolute control over our lives and what happens to us, or thinking that we are all victims of a predetermined fate.

These are both erroneous and dangerous ways of thinking. No one is in full control of everything that happens to them, and if they think they are, they will start to blame themselves for literally everything that happens.

The same could be said about a person who has totally at the mercy of a so called ‘fate’ and believes that he is not in control of his life at all.

Even in extremely dire situations, we always have a bit of control and can steer our life in a certain direction.

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Another significant fallacy of the mind is our yearning for change in people who are closest to us. We start to think that if we put pressure on people or encourage them enough, or even inspire them to the point of excitement, we can change who they are and how they behave.

While it is always good to encourage other people to change their path and take responsibility for their shortcomings, you should not raise your expectations and think that your happiness or contentment solely relies on them changing and becoming better people.

This is a dangerous fallacy, especially if you are an entrepreneur and have an inadvertent influence on the people close to you.

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Another fallacy is what most optimist people might have to deal with at some point in their lives. The fallacy compels your mind to think that the world is fair, and if we work hard enough, we will be rewarded justly.

While that is an admirable thought, it is not a logical assessment of how the world works.

When we are faced with the evidence or proof that life is not fair and our hard and honest work has not been rewarded, we might become depressed or frustrated with the way we are living our life.

This is to believe that the world is absolutely fair, while nothing is ever truly absolute. The world is indeed fair, but to some degree, and one cannot deny the wrongdoings that happen around us all the time.

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Fallacy happens when our sentiments take over our logic and force us to think in a way that undermines facts and universal truths.

In order to avert the effects of fallacious and erroneous thinking, we must first detect these fallacies and think about how we may all be victims of its cruel grasp.

If you have ever found yourself thinking in such ways, try to think again with mindfulness and find the fault in your own illogical assessments.

This is the only path to a clearer mindset and way of thinking!




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In my opinion we should remember that we always have choise. Agree that wish to change somebody else is wrong way. First of all we need to be ready change our mind or our attitude to the situation, but not change the people.

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Try to believe that life isn't real. Then realize its a possibility. Loved the Post man, looking forward to the next!

@chbartist, We agree or not, in this universe (not just the world) everything is interconnected and every movement and actions hold it's own reactions. Same way, completely we are not the controllers our life and there are other factors too. So most importantly we need balance and balance will going to let us know the right pattern of thoughts, and here we have to apply discipline because discipline is everything. Stay blessed.

OUR insight into facts, in contrast as far as anyone is concerned of things, has an inverse, specifically mistake. So far as things are concerned, we may know them or not know them, but rather there is no positive perspective which can be portrayed as wrong learning of things, so long, at any rate, as we restrict ourselves to information by colleague. Whatever we are familiar with must be something: we may draw wrong inductions from our colleague, yet the associate itself can't be misleading. Hence there is no dualism as respects associate @chbartist @coolguy222

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Saludos @chbartist! El mundo esta en un constante cambio, haciendo que los criterios de lo que es bueno o malo también cambien. En este sentido se debe considerar nuestros principios, la moral y la ética para la toma de nuestras decisiones.

Feliz día!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you, who are the most active and proactive in this community, showing your generosity and always with meaningful comments.
I completely agree with you, I read your professional posts every day with a lot of curiosity, although I do not always agree with everything (mainly because you are dealing with a wide range of problems) I wonder how much time you spend on what you do ... all the best from @aple

Your say is absolutely correct
If we stay away from negative mentality and do not let them dominate,So surely we will be away from such errors.

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Belie our false belief is the way for free US of frustration and guilt. Should not be confused optimism and self-confidence with a view illusory of reality. We must put feet on the ground and remove the falsehood and fallacies that dwell in our mind

I completely understand and agree on your point of view, actually what matters is what we grasp, and we should learn to be positive and grasp certain good stuff in mind and drain out illogical cruelty time to time.
Keep up with amazing work.

Of course, you can rely on fate and it will be a mistake, but you also have to try to live your life up and manage it yourself. There is a saying "Destiny leads those who wish, and who are unwilling it drags."

Usually things that come from the heart are better than emotional thoughts.

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Thanks sir sharing this beautiful and very nice article.
I am fully agree with you.
Mindfulness meditation improve our focused present thinking and thinking life come out from reduced depression

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Mindset arises from experience, thinking by relying on patience and when the thinking is appropriate, the idea of the good is good to use

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Try to believe that not everything we can change or how people feel about us but even the way we approach or talk to them can help change their view about

At evening when we try to get rest form whole day hectic life then our mind start analyzing the work of whole day and that time we think from our heart because our sentiments are direct connected form hearts . So analyzing of mind is based on our heart . And fallacy has no rules sometimes we thing something and get something else ."Fallacy happens when our sentiments take over our logic and force us to think in a way that undermines facts and universal truths". I get this point and it is very true @chbartist

There is a book that I love about emotions , from David Goleman "Emotional Intelligence" that speaks deeply about this topic you share with us.
I love your post!! Thank k you!

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Very nice sir you are right here's sharing.
If you start fill better first you reduce your stress and enjoy life more and more and mediate positive thoughts.

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I couldn't agree more. I had to learn this the hard way. I want to join the community please.

I guess the question is whether the mind can see its own fallacy, its erroneous thinking. This is actually quite hard and could be perhaps represented in the analogy of whether water can know that it is wet or a rock that it is hard (the metaphysical question kept aside, i.e. can inanimate things know anything or not). As such the question is if our mind and its operation of thought can look ourside of itself so to speak. What do you think?

Dear @chbartist sir
The world always salutes the rising sun. Those people who live a life leaving hard work, with the help of fate, such a person can never go ahead in life. Being optimistic is a good thing, but being fortunate is absolutely wrong. There is written in shubasbtani chapter that desires are fulfilled by doing hard work and not by meditating. The way the deer does not enter in the mouth of a sleeping lion. In the same way, the objectives of no labor can not be achieved. The desires of a hardworking person always remain in control while a fatalist always loses control over life. If destiny and happiness come together, then synonyms are called because the person doing a man's life changes his destiny himself by working hard.
Thank you

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Seeing is believing and we should all believe that anything is achievable with hardwork and effort. We are blessed to have limitless possibilities and should let the thoughts of constraints and limits impede progress. “They is nothing impossible, only challenges exist!”

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If you have ever found yourself thinking in such ways, try to think again with mindfulness and find the fault in your own illogical assessments.

Meaningful line to understand the moral of the post. Thanks for sharing nice post

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Fallacy happens when our sentiments take over our logic and force us to think in a way that undermines facts and universal truths.

A fallacy is an error in the process of reasoning or arguing a point. It isn't a synonym for mistake or misconception. Your previous replies to my comments have been full of actual fallacies. I suggest you actually study the topic. Take a break from buying votes through bid bots while you're at it.

@chbartist fantastic words as always
We don't fully control our life but we can give ourselves a direction so that we can have little bit control.

If you have ever found yourself thinking in such ways, try to think again with mindfulness and find the fault in your own illogical assessments.

Yeah right.
There are thoughts that pop-up in our minds on a daily basis.
And try to ask:
Would these lead me to my purpose in life?

@chbartist again great content , thanks to inspiring us .

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Very interesting information, thank you for the post

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