under the weather, back in a week or so

in #life4 months ago (edited)

Hi everyone,

if you follow my content - I have a few things going on and am under the weather - so will be gone a week or so. I will update when I get back. Just posting in case someone wondering where i have gone. -

PS: Epstein did not kill himself




See you when you get back.

Thanks I am on the mend, but will be back on monday next week :D

Thanks for the update. Hope you are feeling better soon.

im on the mend, so should be ready to go next week - much better now :D

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Hi @theouterlight

Being absent from the blog for a week is something that I have not been able to do since I landed on the platform, I hope these days will revitalize you.

Yours, Piotr

thanks so much, they will indeed - I needed just a break in order to get back on track, I will be back next week!