What's your favourite way to earn APY with Stablecoins?

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What's your favourite way to earn APY with Stablecoins and how high are the gains?

Let me know in the comments. Will curate answers!


CubDefi obviously! 100%+ gains currently on the stablecoin pools. I moved most of my stables from Curve over to CubDefi when it launched and very happy I did!

Bad timing for me when it launched, had no real liquidity then. Though what I don't understand: how are 122% APY or even 300% APY sustainable? 2-4% Deposit fees can't generate that much?

so I've only recently gotten into pools etc - so my perspective is rather less interesting but I'll post it anyway:

I currently have ADA and ATOM stacked on Binance as fixed staking . That gave on 15 days hold about 24% APY - I currently set that for testing to get a foot in pooling.

Another coin, the JULD I have e.g. packed in JULD Fix Staking on https://info.julswap.com/staking#/ . Same game as with Binance.

Of course I also have the one or other CUB on cubdefi in it, but there is always compounded with the best possible % rate (currently with me every 36h).

I had to google APY. The result is: there is no favourite way to me. All I get is losses, so I prefer not to touch stablecoins.
Please do not curate this, it is not a real answers to the question. Let's rather hope for others who have a better hand in finances. I'm quite curious.

I had to google APY too. When you say

All I get is losses, so I prefer not to touch stablecoins.

Do you mean losses generally or losses from stablecoins. I thought the whole point of stable coins was that they have a 1:1 ratio with the coin they're pegged with. What am I missing?


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There are transaction fees, so all summed up there remains a loss.

That's not correct. There are centralized options (BlockFi, Binance, Crypto.com) where you don't have to transact on-chain.

And again I learned something new. Thank you!

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I have yet to come across an interesting stable coin project. I thought AMPL could be it, but it's rather incomplete and annoying.
Still waiting...


USDT/SST Pairing

Greets Robert

Cub-busd is my best and I think it is at 1% per day

With Stablecoins? I used to have some DAI earning ~2% APY, but I moved it all to Algorand at ~6%, which isn't stable. CUB-BUSD is a nice liquidity pairing, around 1% return a day usually, with CUB not being stable (actually unsure of what happens if CUB drops a ton now that I think about it) & the rewards in CUB.

I'm now in the ellipsis app on bsc.

Obviously depositing in the bank. Or buying treasuries. In Europe apparently they charge you for holding treasuries, an asset that already inflates away. I might look more into that.

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I currently use two things. Cubfinance and crypto.com.

Some people might argue about going for a decentralized option but I don't think a proper DeFi still exists and even if it is there it is being controlled by an individual or a group of individuals which is not decentralized in my opinion.

I don't mind using some centralized options for good APY. That's why I have started using Crypto.com. They give better APY compared to others for USDT. I might as well use Binance in the near future.

After HF25, I guess I will also go with keeping HBD in savings if the interest rates are 10-20%. That can give some sort of satisfying decentralization to my funds.

I put my usdc on venus, around 21% APY (6% in xvs)