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I've been on Steem - now Hive - close to 4 years. In that timeframe, I powered up nearly every liquid STEEM I earned, bought more or held it as Steempower. Even when STEEM was over 3$ - I bought some & powered it up (well ... lessons learned)

Why? Because I truly believe(d) in it and in the mantra: having skin in the game.

However, as I learned my lessons I came to the realisation that having so much skin in the game, especially in regards to locking it up for 13 weeks, is some real A.F weight on thyself. And as I've been powering down for the past few months and selling a bit at the top of the bull-run, I've been honestly feeling this huge weight slowly coming down from my shoulders and my emotions.

Now, you might think: if you don't have skin in the game, you won't want/need Hive to succeed. But the reality is: I'm still a witness, I still own HIVE (not so much as HIVEPOWER), I've still integrated Hive into my new project and most importantly: my sentiment for this community hasn't changed. So I still very much want it to succeed (whatever that means ofc).

Another good point on why I believe that Hivepower can be overvalued is the idea that because someone has a lot of HIVEPOWER/is a whale, his/her opinion is worth more than someone with less/none.

The reality is, that IMO this kind of mindset can create an echo-chamber of repetitive thought-patterns and prevent important feedback from outside to come through - because that person "has no skin in the game". There are good ways to determine whether someone should be listened to - i.e. reputation, experience, etc.

But don't get me wrong, I believe that powering up HIVE is somewhat of a rite of passage, but everyone has to decide what's best for themselves and their health.

I came to the realisation that at this point in my life I need more freedom, and - for me personally - this is liquid ... HIVE.


I agree, although I don't have that much HP compared to many who have been here as long as I have. But there's a point where liquid Hive has to be traded with other people for goods and services (and other things on the block-chain) for it to hold any real value / use case.

Feeling comfortable with earning streams in various ways is what makes crypto interesting, one does not need to put everything into one space either.

Hive is a great space to be, many have to use what they earn, big balance should never be a "rite of passage", best not to look at in that light IMHO...

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I came to the realisation that at this point in my life I need more freedom, and - for me personally - this is liquid ... HIVE.

I agree with that. But I also think that it works over a period of 13 weeks.
I don't need to tell you that you can generate a good income with a reasonably high stake alone. Depending on the amount of the stake, the income may be higher than if content is published.
From my point of view this is not good, but at the moment it is possible and I take advantage of it.

13 weeks pd sucks. I hold also most of mine liquid because there is no real use case i want for HP. Sadly i don't take profits :)

I have made a proposal 1 month ago about dynamic power downs. It got no attention. A combination of 1 week and 13 weeks.

Would be superior to the current system.

Besides this, I would strongly recommend removing rewards from Hive token as fast as possible and move rewards to the second layer/real Smts.

We cant scale as without Smts. And rewarding randoms with a stake that are not interested in government or developments look to me randomly and useless.

i think it's an echo chamber, not sure how eco it is, lol.

No harm in doing what you want with your crypto assets. No one is in a place to tell you what to do with what you earned and continue to earn. Anyone that tries to tell you what you can and can't do with the assets you've grown sound like huge hypocrites like the government if you ask me. Keep crushing it and make the choices you want. They are yours :)

I just want to be transparent & also prevent unnecesary FUD due to a TOP 20 witness powering down.


It's all about how much you have. It's like people that say they can't take bitcoin's volatility. Well what if you put 1% in bitcoin? Do you still feel the volatility?

Similarly with hive power. What I have powered up I will never power down. I don't even think about trading it or spending it one day. The rest of my hive is on exchanges and sadly losing a lot to inflation but that's okay.

nice to see you with a spring in your step again . transparency is a wonderful thing . like the your gify project also.

Enjoy your freedom! And Star tuned, Hive on!

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