The Future of Hive.

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As things are starting to really gather momentum in the 'Cryptoshere' im sure a lot of us are starting to get really excited. This is what id call the bull syndrome kicking
in and is kinda like a drug. Sleepless nights, big smiles and a feeling of butterflies in the tummy. Altcoins are giving Bitcoin a good run for its money, the penny is dropping again, shitcoins can be and are just as important as Bitcoin.

Viva la Cryptocurrency.


For most of us who have been in crypto for a while we understand what crypto currency really is, the rest are just starting to pile in most still don't truly understand what crypto currency is really about, or what it means just to take part. The passive aggressive fight against the oppression we have all lived under for decades if not centuries. The thing that unites us all throughout time, the love for freedom, the love of love.

Hive roots.

Hive roots ultimately go back to the vision of Dan Larimar. It should always be recognised that Dans and Neds vision is why we are here.

Rebels, Renegades call it what you will each one of us here is one, soldiering on, believing in the vision, seeing the possibilities of a different way, a different plan, a different way of life. The way we think it was supposed to be... Web 3

The market is booming all around us and like me your probably looking at the market right now and Hive and can just hear Khal in the background buttering his toast muttering 'soon'.


Where is Hive going to fit into this new world??

The thing we must try to realise is that while we must prepare for what is coming we must also strike while the iron is hot and i believe that time is now. We are by nature in a capitalist system at war with everything around us, in a fight for survival and a fight for dominance. At war against the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Noisecash and other endless crypto projects. The centralised ones are the easy ones, the others harder.

As many people who call themselves truth talkers or conspiracy theorists, Covid 19 has forced the issue, let the cat out of the bag so to speak and the iron fist is the only way they know how to deal with us.


The good news for us is these people are now seeking alternative platforms to host content and this is why now is the time like no other, this is Hives future and i believe Dans vision for us. We now have the added opportunity of becoming a supermarket for decentralised digital content, a one stop shop. This is Hives USP that no other chain or project has, this chain has it all.

Attack from all directions

As more and more seek alternatives from youtube and facebook for breaking the rules we must draw as many in as we can, now is that time, the recruitment drive should be now now now. Bring in content creators banned from everywhere else and you will pull in their audience by default. This 'Network effect' is the only real weapon we have in making Hive grow into what we know it can be. This place has enormous potential, everyone here knows it, we can all win here and thats the whole point of this place. Facebook is already dead in my eyes, surveillance and centralisation are going to be really frowned upon soon enough and this is how we as a platform grows.

Hive has the potential to show people another way, another youtube another better way of doing what they already do, and this is key to its success. We must use our qualities and strengths and really use them to our advantage.

We can all win here if we do things right now, it can be exactly how we imagine it to be, and much more.


This 'Network effect' is the only real weapon we have in making Hive grow into what we know it can be. This place has enormous potential, everyone here knows it, we can all win here and thats the whole point of this place.

You are right about that! Well said! It takes a little bit of time till we get more users as this is a process, can't happen overnight. But the abuse that is going on on these centralised social media platforms is working for us. The more banned users, the more onboarding on Hive.

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Time will be a gentleman with Hive.

We are behind with the other projects on the market because we started in tandem with the real development of the platform.

Every day new projects, collaboration, ideas are born ... Hive is an incubator of very capable people and we must give the necessary time so that ideas can be transformed into concrete projects.

I am very very confident that in the long term we will reap the most beautiful fruits 😊

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Well said. The problem is getting the word out to those people. Only the top 1-2% make real money on YouTube the rest is hoarded by Google. I hope it works, I’ve been grinding it out for quite a while now. I’d love to see it take off.

When they realise they dont have to be farmed like cattle. People are going to stick to what they know but people like to do the same thing in a new way. Its a network effect, i dont think politically we will ever be 'mainstream' but it doesn't matter as long as we pull in the right people and Hive is positioned now more than ever to pull in those people. The rest will follow. Creators first audiences after but the audience is where the growth comes from. The stage is well and truly set now. Funny you mention Google, Google is the thing we are all up against here, the silent killer. Google does not have our interests at heart ever, they are the biggest threat to our freedom as humans right now and the real opponent in the battle of armageddon. Funny how many people rarely mention this fact.

Google is Big Brother. I refuse to have any device in my house like Alexa or that style. It’s a spy on you device. I enjoy crypto, but hard assets can’t be overlooked either, that’s why I have money in silver and gold.

Me too man, i begun with precious metals, my mindset was already primed for Bitcoin by the time i heard about it. I feel kinda sorry for Peter Shiff he just cant understand that he has failed to see how this is the future, hes trapped in the past. He knows whats going to happen he just didnt see crypto currency being invented and cant shift his thinking across. Life will always do that to you, by that i mean make you sick. Im sure Doge is making a few OGs like myself feel sick. We knew it was going to be big even though the tokenomics just stunk of fail. We remember buying a stupid amount for a few hundred dollars. Lots of kids becoming rich who seemingly got ' lucky'.. life will do that.

He’s just stubborn. Doge is a shit coin, i bought a little at the dip of $.18. I knew the kids would spike it back up. Got out at $.45 at some point the whales are gonna take their profit and it will kill the coin forever.

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I love that you point out Dan in this. Love him or hate him, he has done some really great things. Some questionable too, but I feel like the good things make up for that. I think it is funny when I see people who are actively using Hive bagging on EOS so much. A lot of the same mechanics are there, but they don't seem to realize it. It seems to be more of a echo chamber where they heard someone else hates EOS (probably an ETH maximalist), so they hate EOS. I got off on a tangent there, but great post!

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You should record an audio version of this in an excited, motivational tone. That’s how I’m hearing this in my mind.

"the recruitment drive should be now now now." This is the key. We need some kind of bill board along the sides of the busy internet highways.. Hive has so much potential to create a freer world..

Great post. There are definitely a lot of people on the more mainstream platforms that due to the extreme censorship are going to be more willing to make the switch.

Great, the great future is in hive, don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
I really like these topics, so I learn a little more from you, greetings.

Thank you for writing this JP. I've been thinking the same for months. It's not rocket science, I assumed this was the logical path to go and it was actively being perused, but I guess it is not....?

People with huge followings are getting banned and censored looking for a new home to bring their audience to. All Hive has to do is proactively seek big personalities on the verge of getting banned from youtube, facebook, and twitter.

When they do get banned they can be prepared to come to hive with some guaranteed upvotes from the whales. I'd like to hope that this in the talk amongst the whales already, and they are actively reaching out to names like JP Sears, Gregg Mannarino, Gerald celente, or Mark dice. Gregg Hunter has already been banned that would be a huge get, Dustin Nemos.....who knows, there are plenty.

I think the ones who have invested the most in Hive need to organize and act now, strike while the iron is hot and grow the platform out before Steemit beats them to it. Raise peoples awareness of the freedom the blockchain.

Please keep us posted if you know of any group of whales perusing any big name youtubers, I'd certainly add my small vote to the pile to help suede someone that can put eyeballs on the Hive platform, which it is all about.

Great post, Thanks for supporting my efforts here too.

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Agree, but we should not underestimate the time it needs hive becomes big. First, it needs to work perfectly on a technical level ( smart contracts, token mechanics, ...) to be a nice sandbox for a developer to build dreams.

After this, the user experience must be the same or better than web 2.

If all this work is done, we will see hive at a level we would never expect.

I think Hive is one of the most complex and promising projects in crypto.

Agreed. Imagining things differently is key. We will never have what we can't, or won't, envision. I am learning a great deal on Hive, and am sending the info along to like minded peeps on the outside. I have found, however, that when I blog certain types of sentiments (anti-vax, covid con, etc) I lose support from some of the curators for a bit. A subtle censorship happens even here.

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Thank you for the generous support on my posts! ♥️

Really dig your positive vibe, especially among allthe pessimists on the chain. To each their own, but measured in how far ahead Hive already is compared to the rest of the social media pack I feel like you we have the best potential here for something grand. The longer we fly under the radar and build a quality network the longer our resulting sprint will take us.


Many of us have started crypto investment from the scratch. I strongly believe as a CFA, HIVE is expected to boom significantly between 4Q21-1H22. Only those who understood the spirit of crypto investment will smile the last. Thanks for your courageous report guy. More strength to your knowledge.

Thanks so much friend ❤️💕💞

Brighter Hive future we pray for