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RE: Hive core developer meeting #18

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Actually I think giving people a choice on those database api is a pretty good idea, choices to fit needs.

The rounding issue up or down at a .05 is and has always been a pretty good debate, as a person that gets a lot of those where rounding up would benefit me, I think the better choice for the long run is rounding down. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on it so good luck on that one.

Nice to hear communities and options for them are still being discussed, if any developers need someone to 'test' I have a somewhat dead account I can use to put dummy content in with.

Not sure what went wrong here, but I was able to listen on youtube:


Your choice? Youtubes choice? or a change in embed code by youtoube? I do not think I have ever seen the: Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner error before.

Not a real problem was just curious.


I agree with you on the rounding, I think it's better to give slightly less than slightly more. Ultimately I doubt this can be exploited in any way but better safe than sorry.

re: communities I think we'll probably make some posts to ask for beta testing on some communities in the future :)

the youtube thing is odd, it works on my end. We've fixed it a bunch of times already.

The youtube thing is youtube being youtube, their page views must have been down that week, so randomize and force people to see the video on their page to re-increase page views.

I am looking forward to HF 26, I know we are not at 25 just yet, but I think from what I have been seeing, reading, and even hearing, HF 25 is really going to put some very solid fixes for the foundation layer, and I for one am very glad to see that so far no messing with the reward system. We can do that once the foundation is as solid as a rock, and then HF 26 can see maybe some adjustments.

once again thanks for keeping us informed.


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