Hive Keychain now available on Firefox Add-Ons Store

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While I'm still waiting for feedback of the Chrome Store team, the extension got approved on Firefox Add-Ons.

If you are already running a locale instance of Hive Keychain, don't forget that you can export your keys and then import them on the store version, as long as you keep the same master password.

Hive on!


Hopefully the update on chrome will allow hbd convert.

$rewarding 100%

HBD convert works on the latest version on Github. I am still waiting for an answer of the Chrome Store team

brilliant !!!! good stuff buddy

Very useful work!

Currently I flag every post with pending rewards greater than 80 dollars (even my own ones) to balance the reward pool a little bit. That doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate your efforts!

Super :) But I'm waiting for Chrome Web Store. In the mean time I'm using it through a developer mode.

Thanks for your hard work, waiting for Chrome Web Store :)

That's great! Thank you so much for your hard work!

I'm not used to firefox but it's good for Firefox users. Hope for the Chrome Add-on to be out soon so I could check on it.

Just got on the Hive Blog just now and was meaning to ask about the keychain. The answer was at the top of the Posts. LOL

Yay!!! I've been so waiting for this. 😁
Thank you to the developers for all of their hard work.


Hi @stoodkev, did you still need support for your development projects. I can probably pitch in some time here and there for the documentation like I did in the SteemPlus area or event some development.

What projects are you working on at the moment ?

Hi Mike! If you have time I'd appreciate it very much if you could update Hive Keychain's documentation via a Pull Request. So far, it's nothing more than a clone of the Steem Keychain documentation. You can contact me on Discord for details

Excellent work, thanks!

I'am so exited, that i just cant hide it !!!

The import/export function was missing and it is very useful and convenient! 👏🏼

I just tried to install hive-keychain on both Brave and Chrome, but it said the Manifest file is missing, so wouldn't install

Did you unzip the folder? The manifest should be inside, at the root.

Yes, it wasnt finished unzipping yet or something. It ended up working.

One thing I did have trouble with is signing into hive-keychain on Firefox. The private key box didn't allow enough characters for my key.

It worked fine in chrome, but I couldn't log in on Firefox...

Can I export from steem keychain into Hive keychain on firefox?

great to hear about this