Hive Keychain (Beta) is ready

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It's been a rough week, and it's with a lof of excitement and optimism that I make this first post on Hive. A Beta version Hive Keychain is ready for testing on Github and is pending approval on the Chrome Store. Big thank you to @nateaguila who rushed to create a new design for the extension and @asgarth and @themarkymark for their help in testing.

For users

The review on Chrome Store can take up to a week, so in the meantime you can run it locally by following these steps:

  • Clone the repository from Github
  • Right click on any existing extension > Manage my extensions.
  • Then activate developer mode.
  • Then Load Unpacked and select the folder you ve unziped.
  • That s it

We will post again to announce when the extension makes it to the store.

For devs

Once the extension installed locally you can make any kind of requests that were available on Steem Keychain. For this you just need to:

  • Replace window.steem_keychain by window.hive_keychain
  • Replace STEEM, SBD and SP by HIVE, HBD and HP
  • Check out the example folder


  • If you don't need to, don't bother entering all your accounts on Hive Keychain. Steem Keychain is also pending an update that will allow you to export your keys and then import them in just a click to Hive Keychain. Be patient ;)
  • Delegations, Keychainify, and Account Value Estimation won't work on this first release.
  • If you find some issues, please report them on Github.

Hive Keychain

@yabapmatt : Founder - Witness
@aggroed : Founder - Witness
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@stoodkev : Lead Developer - Witness

Support our witnesses using Hive Keychain witness tab.


Some of our users have asked why is there a need for two separate extensions. Was this a consideration? Some of them are still using Steem Keychain but just signing with a hive based node.

BTW likely good idea to remove hive based nodes from STEEM keychain. Unless of course you use merge extensions some day.

Among other considerations, for branding purposes.
Change of RPCs already got pushed to the store, pending review.

Wallet doesn't work! Has anyone else the same problem?

Yeah I'm the same, xml saying access denied???

Can you be more specific?

Awesome, thanks for your work guys! 👊

I have added almost all my accounts to the Hive Keychain. Only one thing, sometimes it is showing my Steem Balance and not the Hive balance, but mostly it shows the correct balance.

Thank you for great work and such a fast update of keychain! 👍

Thanks for Keycahins, StoodKev.

Awesome work! Thanks!!!!

One Question: How to export to a .kc file all entered Accounts on Steem Keychain to import them in to Hive Keychain.

You can export from Steem Keychain when the current update is reviewed by google.

Allright! Thanks for the Info!

Do comments work?

Great work Kev & team!

Awesome! Thanks for the great work.

Thanks for your hard work! <3

I can claim rewards and vote but I couldn't publish a post earlier. Let's try again. [Edit: Posting a comment seems to work. Posting works now.]

Thanks now i can post without change the api node :)

Keychain is the best Tool.

Thank you! Great work!

Super cool stoodkev and team! Thank youuu

Woo hoo, I figured it out!

Great stuff, sharing :-)

Excellent work guys. I realized that I became addicted to Keychain, happy to see that it happened so quickly.

How do I prevent the STEEM Keychain from popping up each time I try to post anything on Hive?

I installed the Hive Keychain as instructed and put in a new password for it as it requested, but the old Steem Keychain still opens instead of the Hive Keychain. I've now logged in using my posting key instead of using keychain, but I prefer to use keychain.

Never mind... I figured it out myself. I also wrote a tutorial about it so that others need not struggle the way I did.
For those who are scared to go into Github... don't worry, I have pictures that make it very simple to follow. The tutorial is here:

Looking good, so glad keychain was ported over, makes my life easier than I could ever imagine.

Awesome, thx, and I love the new Hive design :)

Thanks! @nateaguila did a great job with the design indeed!

A massive thank you for this user friendly step by step. :)

Think I can wait til it hits the store, cheers!

Hey cheers, I figured it out already, thanks for the link anyway though!

I'm happy to hear that you were able to figure it out. I love keychain.

Hmmm - I try since yesterday to a vote or comment on hive - installed Hive Keychain but always get "errors"

I wonder if you are having the same issues I did? I made a post about what I found.

Great news! I love the keychain extension :)

I think it needs an update.

Any news for Firefox users?

Will there be a new Firefox extension?

My head is swimming, too tired to figure it out in layperson's thinking. Later.

do you have a date we can download it easy in chrome store?

Its real easy to get from Github (just 1 click). I made a tutorial with pictures.

Google review is pretty slow, especially now that covid is here. Let s hope it will come soon =)

keychain working on brave browser
Thank you!

My pleasure ;)

I have noticed that only changing the node, it works for me with hive, if I want it to work with steem, I change the node and that's it, it works well for me, because as you say, you tell me that you cannot read the error manifest

It s working for now but the 2 chains might take different directions in the future. Also, be careful when you re making transfers, you might send from the wrong blockchain. That's also one of the reasons why we rushed to make a new design for the new Keychain.

Nice work there. :)

I see an errors in the extension.