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That wsb chairman account is bogus. This account is the real deal.

20210127 16_59_25wsb mod on Twitter_ _Due to the in tents load the sub was put under today from o.png

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Done, keep the votes for others. The level of censorship is reaching ridiculous levels. What reason do they have to ban wallstreetbets other than being friends with the guys shorting?

What a crazy story. The small guy is finally getting back at Wallstreet. I've been trying to understand it for the last few hours. Louis Rossman on youtube seems to be the best at describing it to me, the layman.

This censorship is getting out of hand. If they could do it to a sitting American president the rest of us are easy game.

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I am completely out of the loop on whatever is going on with wallstreetbets. All I know is it is a group that likes investing on long shots and memes. Not sure why people are so worked up over that.

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I would love to pitch them they can have their own token here. We need Smts!!!!!

Dan can we do some website "onboarding wallstreetbets" with free wallets for a timeframe or subpage on frontends?

Or can we sponsor them a tribe + free onboarding? So we can promote a product made for them ez to join and to use!

Please do silver next!
150 years of naked shorting!

I love hive because it is censorship-free. Thank you @theycallmedan.

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