Time for our snorkeling adventure

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I have been looking forward to our snorkeling on this trip for so long. We have heard that Cabo has some of the best snorkeling in the world so we are pretty excited for this. It is my wife’s first time snorkeling and I am sure she is going to love it.


It is pretty hot here right now and the ocean is going to feel amazing. The temperature is only 84 degrees, but with the humidity and the sun it feels well over 100.


I could get used to living here though and being so close to the ocean.


Hopefully we see a bunch of cool fish and maybe some sea turtles. I am going to be trying to get some video with my GoPro and put it all together for something cool but I will also be taking some pictures underwater with it. I really need to get a waterproof housing for my big camera.


We are now onboard our boat and having a few drinks while we wait for the rest of the people to board. Today is going to be epic.


I hope you had a truly amazing day man. I already want to see what you managed to capture underwater :)

It was awesome. The pictures turned out pretty cool. Once I have a computer and edit them, I will share. Hopefully the videos I took turn out cool too.

Enjoy your Dive !!! your wife is giving the "sus" look !

im sure she will love it !! get us some nice pics =D

It was awesome. She loved it.


man i hate flippers.. i can't swim with these shit hahaha

water seems incredible tho. have a lot of fun !!

Excited to see the underwater pics! It will be so fun, for sure!

They turned out pretty cool. Gotta wait until I get home and have a computer though.

Water nice and warm?

Ya. The water felt awesome. The air was super hot before we snorkeled but when we got out and on the boat ride back, it felt so good.

WOW such a beautiful area I hope you had a wonderful day

It was an amazing time. I will be sharing the snorkeling photos in a few days when we get home.

Awesome I look forward to seeing them

I can't tell what is bluer... the sky or the water?! hahaha Hope y'all are having a blast browski!!

Right on! That sounds so fun.