Caturday Cat Sitting

in Caturday2 months ago

I've been looking after my cousin's cat for many years. He's an older gentleman now. He's a rescue cat. Someone found him wandering the streets and was adopted by my cousin and her husband.

He's been asleep for most of the afternoon. He woke up for a quick photo shoot and then fell asleep again.

I have no idea who this cat is. She came in through the front door while I was watering the plants. I was warned that my cousin's cat had a girlfriend, so perhaps that's who she is. She had a bite to eat and then left the building!

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


Nice kitty

Thank you.

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Very handsome gentleman!
Funny to see cats just come and go like the own the place :)

Yes, pops in for a bite to eat and then goes.🙂

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Ow!! So beautiful the lord cat!! He only gets up to receive pampering which is what he deserves 😍 in my house I also have some cats that come stealthily to steal the food of mine, they are quite cunning hehe looks well cared for that black cat, I hope that that cat has his home and that he only eats the stranger by bad habit and not by hunger 🥰

The black cat definitely has a loving home. She just likes to visit now and again. 🙂

how good it is to have a home. As long as it doesn't bother Mr. Cat, everything is perfect 🥰