Creating Decentralized Social Media - Let's Talk About It

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What's up with everyone trying to create "decentralized" social media?

People all around are starting to realize the importance of a censorship-resistant communication protocol. It isn't nice to have; it's a must have. Anytime you have a monetary value that is up for grabs, people will attack and exploit it.

Unlike the stock market and traditional business models safeguarded by legal regulation, IE you can't anonymously 51% attack a business and tear it to the ground. In crypto, it's 24/7; you can be anon and swiftly attack networks.

I get into what it takes to have a sustainable censorship-resistant network and the reasons I believe people are trying to "recreate" the wheel with what we've done on Hive.

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Amazing, Just so amazing... you can actually talk about decentralisation for 3 days straight and you just find out that you're only beginning. Truth is you are right about anonimity, freedom, free speech and control. A lot of these centralised entities thinks that they can do sell decentralisation to people in a centralised way which is totally a very dumb thing to do.

You're right about consistency being the key to bursting into the spotlight. Its crazy to see how decentralisation is getting crushed through shadow banning. But the development is happening. Things are getting done everyday. Your reference to splinterland's growth as a result of consistency is quite true. It will only get better despite all the attempt at silencing big innovations.
We're all involved in this... We wouldn't stop till we eventually get there.

Enjoyed this man, thanks so much.

What I have found the hardest part of 'promoting' Hive to people outside of this space is...They don't care about decentralization...Until they get smacked LOL

I see it all the time on Facebook specifically, people getting the 30 day bans...And then I just stick a Hive logo up and tell them, get in touch with me for more info LOLOL Seems like a sales pitch, but to me, I think I'm helping people with the future of social.

And like you mentioned, as soon as I discovered this place, I knew it was the tech for me as well...Way too many amazing things happening here for it to be ignored any longer.

They don't care about decentralization...Until they get smacked LOL

Many people still do not care. They say how bad Facebook, Google, Twitter are, but they still do not start looking for alternatives, and even if you present a few to them, they find excuses not to use them. I am starting to believe that some people like to be censored and/or controlled by others.

I wonder hey...

but I have to believe that human beings are continually evolving. Perhaps the older generations were so used to the idea of being censored and centralized... for them this is their normal.

But I have to believe that the new and UPcoming generations won’t be happy with this version of “freedom”.

I think that’s why we have Bitcoin and Hive (as well as other crypto projects) in the first place.

These are constructive responses. Ways in which we communicate our values and vote for what we think the world should be like.

We throw ourselves into the gaps and we put skin in the game. That’s how the new generation is innovating and communicating what they think freedom is and how we should all evolve collectively.

Thank you for bringing this UP in the comments. I found it very interesting.


It all hinges on persuasion. The masses will do, say, or adopt just about anything for a master persuader. Unfortunately many of the most beneficial projects in the world are spearheaded by tragically unpersuasive humans. 🙏

There is a lot of blahhhhhhhh out there right now isn't there... All the easier for us to shine... I think that we can learn how to persuade people. I think that's what crypto is all about... Showing people a better way to human and doing it with value! 🙌

Exactly so, in a sea of blah, there's never been a bigger opportunity for people who master persuasion. Or at least those who are above average at it. 🙏

take a picture. post an artwork that no one has seen ever. post it on blockchain for the first time art has ever been online. 200 years later, the artificial intelligence will trace the photo or artwork back to the blockchain where it first posted. Thats a big deal. Art galleries have documents who owned Mona Lisa. but are the documents real? maybe. but no one can mess with blockchain till a far future guru deletes it all. Blockchains are probably printed on paper in case we have another trump who never heard of "facts".

This subject is deep. The information war of old/ Max Keiser pushing Bitcoin religiously, the 2008 depression kicks our asses until 2016 industry started ripping, Decentralization is the Strongest act of Manifesting your own destiny, Activists, Truthers, people who worked years to get a message of truth out. With Decentralization the war is over, we have a home, a global blockchain ecosystem that does not use predatory centralized financial practices, is open to everyone, allows investing at even micro levels, censorship free social media included, dont waste time exposing the obvious, centralization pisses on us all day and calls it rain, Decentralize your life and escape the madness, than secure your future through the available tools on our BlockChain. Decentralization is such a big concept and it scares the hell out of the movers and shakers of this world, Decentralize and become free for the first time!

Brilliantly said Nate! Love it!

My favorite part of your comment:

...centralization pisses on us all day and calls it rain,

Hello! That's exactly it isn't it!? To many people have gotten used to the "rain" of BS and that's another reason why Hive is my home and the battle is won... I no longer have to stand out there and pretend everything's fine. I can proactively do something about it... from the safety and strength of a decentralized future. That's worth building on... and it's worth finding common ground and sticking together too.

Thank you for being on the frontlines for freedom with us my friend!

It's been a little while since I talked with you last.

Saw you dropping into the comments here so I thought I would say something to renew our connection! 🙌

I hope that you (and your family) are well!


I just turned 49 so I posted that on my Facebook Page, not to say I have a flat stomach but as a matter of art, our bodies are a symbol of our life style or environment, which is why I look the way I do. In 2021 it is Survival of the Fittest and sometimes not one Fuck is given, its been that way since the early 2000's that I can remember and has gone progressively worse with time. If I was successful enough to indulge myself would I look like this? Considering the Baby Boomers who are still in charge sold out generations to have to work until 70 to get Full Social Security benefits while they all retired in their early 60's during the best economic times of a generation, How do you fuck that up? Decentralization fixes everything. It is Universal Karma against Predatory Centralized Finance and the Global Oligarchs it supports. I almost don't care if Hive doesnt go mainstream. It's proven itself and has the perfect Global Harmony unlike anything I ever seen. Its a race to Decentralize. If SPT hits .25 Hive there will be Fireworks going off in my head! Everything is crazy AF but improving.

You look like a R.O.C.K. G.O.D. Nate Powers!🤘

Yes... life etches itself upon our souls and our bodies too! The peaceful times of youth can harden into determined flint igniting passion and determination all rolled into one like a hot flame.🔥

I am a hiker. I’ve hiked the west coast trail (75km along the west coast of Vancouver Island) twice now. Last time I was there I was noting nature as I went. Scraggly trees clinging to the side of a rocky ocean view. I stepped onto some muscles that were clinging en mass to the side of a rocky shoreline, waves pounding incessantly. Scanning the horizon the vast waterways surged around me. Rip channels rushing from land out to sea dragging everything with it. Killer whales hunted seals in a dance of life and death... and it was all happening like a life and death blender out there in front of me. ☠️

With that context I’ve realized very clearly that this is how life is... we have all jumped out of the airplane without our parachutes on. And much of our life experiences are just coming to grips with how life has been setUP and how that, in itself, implicitly influences how people, infinite souls trapped in finite earth suits, think about the world... and their place within it.

It also determines (unconsciously?) how we treat each other and our very construct of the world. If I didn’t know better... I would even think the world was doing 2 things simultaneously! (And perhaps it is!) It’s trying to ambivalently sustain me... while also attempting to kill me off! (Now what does that say about the idea of a creator... if all of this beautiful madness was truest created! Sobering thought? Yes!) All you have to do is stand outside in a -40 C winter to realize this like clear ice. 🧊 We ain’t getting out of this one alive!

So this is our birthright... and one does or should not walk into this storm with ones eyes shut but open. The strong and tough do survive... but the kind... they thrive. Kindness flies in the face of all that terror happening at our feet. It is our higher nature that lifts us UP above it all... we are flying at 50,000 feet.

And those who design slave systems for their fellow human beings... they crawl UPon the ground... it’s implicit message written UPon their hearts defining their works UPon the world. The unenlightened... the unhealthy among us dictating the code we govern ourselves by...

But I do believe a new golden age is coming... an enlightened existence. But we are going to have to stand together and show the world another way... built upon cryptography.

As you said @theycallmedan
I also see this silence as of shadow ban I have on Facebook and Instagram is just wow...
They are not letting us communicate and spread awareness over some aspects of our existence.

People will come to understand sooner or later.
As you said and it is obvious, all we need for hive to thrive is one of the front ends to kick in for mass adaption, no matter game or a social media, no matter which of the hive connection hits will be a way up.

Meditation matters, it should be in our life.
Namaste 🙏

With the way i see HIVE right now, its growth and development. Soon it will be the centre/backbone of all other social network.

HIVE isn't just an ordinary blockchain, a platform where transparency is 💯. Trust me no other social media would try such.

Discovering this place was the best thing for me.

Well, I don't think communication is the bedrock of society, but it is part of it, yes. In fact, that reminds me of a scene in a movie where a scientist reads aloud a sentence from a book by a colleague of his in which she states that "communication is the cornerstone of society." He says it sounds good, but it's wrong. "Science is the cornerstone of society," he claimed. I'm not sure about that either. It's a broad discussion where the use of language is flexible and without a frame of reference we could say that even the family is the cornerstone of our current model of society. I believe that the economy is the real basis of society as a whole, and then politics is built on it and with it the role of communication. But sometimes politics has determinations on the economy, subordinating its influence. Our modern society has other important factors, which are information and knowledge. That is why some refer to this as the information society and the knowledge society, but in reality these are economic approaches as well.

That's an interesting way to think of it, but even in families, communication is paramount. Miscommunication leads to isolation and bad outcomes. There isn't one part of society that isn't run by communication; you can't have anything if you can't have agreement or disagreements, not even science is made in an isolated way; science is debate, testing, communicating with your peers. If we can't debate, then we can't find out the truth, as everyone is bais, and only when your views can stand up to scrutiny can we ever progress as a human race.

Your point of view is quite clear. Yes, we are social creatures, we are not lone wolves, so everything we do is related to others. That's why we developed social institutions, like the family and so on until we invented political institutions. Communication is not an institution, it is rather a process, a relational structure and that is also an element of society. There are influential social institutions that are based on it, such as the media. It has a lot of power in our society. So, despite these annoying sociology terms and clarifications, your point remains valid in principle :)

No one understands what It took to create something as pure as #Hive.

I may be biased but fuck man, everything else is mostly intended to make few people rich.

Sure, we have some problems but I still don't think there's better and more passionate community

Hive falls into a very specific category of users, it is not a social network like Twitter or Facebook, I think it is much more for Blockchain fans and although total decentralization is an impossible dream (there will always be spheres of influence and therefore power) I think it is a nice community if we can guide it and be popular in some niche, for example blockchain games seem to be very popular recently, let's focus more resources there and surely there will be good results.

Yes, Hive as a blockchain is much more than Facebook or Twitter. And in addition to games, many kinds of applications can be built on a blockchain. This technology is probably currently just/only in the beginning. Or at least in an early stage/phase.

What you're referring to will be the future of Hive, as far as I can see. With @blocktrades working on HAF, Hive can/will be the backbone of different applications - some of them being social in nature.

I have seen the blocktrades developers quite active in the last weeks, it is a good sign that things are changing daily for the better, thanks for the comment, I am always learning a little more from you to better understand how Hive works.

Decentralization is never the goal. Censorship resistance is. Censorship resistance is 100% possible, it does take effort to nurture tho.

Never knew the depth this subject possess. You're literally amazing. Censorship resistance protocol. Yes crypto is different. Thanks man I'm interested now 💫❤️

I saw Bitclout and I like their idea of tokenization of each profile.
it true Splinterland's did not reach there overnight but I see it can go on scaling on more peaks.

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This man is a genius

We could theoritcally implement something like that to reward posts after the payout window is closed.

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What is the old man with the Devils horns about..??

Charles Darwin- survival of the fittest.

Ah ok,was he a Satanist ?

No, I dont think so.

Why did you choose this pic of him?

Tbh didnt even think about religion when posting this. My wife made this for me years ago when i did Youtube videos. I choose it because of his survival of the fittest quote which lined up with my talk.

Ah ok...all good...easy..

thanks Dan, great podcast!

Excellent. as usual.
What I do not understand @theycallmedan with everything that is happening and everything we have in our favor, because it costs us so much to bring more users and new investors. They miss it, when they react, we will be in the startosphere

Excellent. as usual.
What I do not understand @theycallmedan with everything that is happening and everything we have in our favor, because it costs us so much to bring more users and new investors. They miss it, when they react, we will be in the startosphere

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Well, decentralized platforms are the best way to move forward now. With interesting ideas in place, I see more innovations just like the truly decentralized wallet from which gives true power to users.

Ned is cool guy, ok :)

And you are 100% right. The token distribution and community matter. With tech evolving, Hive evolves. Hive is build forever.

And with this in mind, we are only at the start :)

Great podcast..
And you are right...
Never know the deepth in this subject.... Your post can change many people's thought's....