OCD Onboarder Application

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Yesterday we posted our Onboarding Program Announcement and this post will serve as a place for possible onboarders to apply to our program either in this post or in our Discord server in the #onboarder-application channel.

Here's a short summary of the benefits of being part of our Onboarding Program.

  1. You get a role in our Discord that gives you access to unlimited VIP Hiveonboard invite links using our account credits.
  2. Invited users automatically give you 3% beneficiary rewards when they post (they can opt out at any time).
  3. You can nominate their posts for curation within our Discord in a specific channel while having the Discord role.
  4. Compilation post rewards highlighting posts of the content creators you've brought on.
  5. More benefits to come depending on your activity and success rate.

Now what we're asking of you in return.

  1. No funny business. We will have zero tolerance to sockpuppetry, fake accounts or any kind of abuse of our account creation credits or fiddling with your onboarding score.
  2. You are expected to let people you onboard know how important it is to backup and save their keys and not share them with anyone (including you) and to do so preferably as you send them the invite link or before.
  3. Some guidance is welcomed but we understand not everyone has the time so our Discord server will be available for newbies to ask newbie questions, just make sure you send them over to it but if they don't use Discord you are expected to help get them going and at least show them the basics or where they can find out more about Hive, communities, etc.
  4. Starting out with our program we will be limiting it to content creators in English or content with both the native language and english.

Fill in the form below when applying either in the comments or in our Discord channel:

  1. Your hive username:
  2. What kind of users will you be inviting:
    (Either which niche content creators they are, your connection to them or their location)
  3. Why do you want to participate in our onboarding program?

We will most likely talk to each one of you personally after the application so no need for more points for now. :)

Thanks for your interest, make sure to read the announcement post if you missed it to get a broader view on the whole process and why we're starting this program. It's time for more people to find out what they've been missing!

Link to our Discord again if you have questions: https://discord.gg/fgkwcRM5

100% of post rewards going back to curators through @reward.app.


I really digested the whole point as a new beginner with the platform. I will also start working with the tips

Welcome to Hive!

My Discord username: jaraumoses#9507
I will be onboarding mostly people from my country Uganda 🇺🇬 and I want to rebuild the community we had here like I did in the previous chain.

I and a few friends built up the Uganda community in the previous chain and I would love to kick-start the same for Hive.

I already have a few members whom I will now introduce to OCD, but lots of work is needed to build up a new community and I am ready for the challenge.

 3 months ago 

Please join the OCD discord server so that we can give you an onboarder role.


I am already in the Discord group, just search for my username

Thanks again for this.

My hive username: coolguy123

What kind of users will you be inviting:
Mostly Tech, sports lovers, artists but not not limited to these only majorly from my country India and my friends on twitter from other countries.

Why do you want to participate in our onboarding program?
It's been a win win situation for all of us and it's always a nice feeling to introduce people to Crypto and give them a chance to earn the same without monetary investment.

Being already working on curation with @ocd for Sports Talk Social community, I will feel proud to introduce few quality content creators.

I'd love to help out and be an onboarder! I have quite a few peers that I will be trying to get on Hive very soon as well as an unofficial "ambassador" esque event that I will be running in my local area. If there is anything my witness (https://vote.hive.uno/@sicarius) can do to help subsidize the onboarding process or anything else, would also be happy to help there.

 3 months ago 

Please join the OCD discord server so that we can give you an onboarder role.


I would but it looks like the link has expired!

 3 months ago 

Oh! Try this link: https://discord.gg/t36Qvzr

That worked :)

This is definitely a good initiative, so far, I used to delegate some to people whom I onboarded.

My hive username - @sanjeevm
I generally invite people from art / travel / youtubers and only people whom I personally know. Generally I see they struggle with the on-boarding because of lack of HP, so this will help them a lot to focus on their content. And I do not use discord.

 3 months ago 

Please join the OCD discord server so that we can give you an onboarder role.


Although am relatively new to this community I want to try my skills with this, it will be a good experience to learn a lot more about Hive.

User on Hive: Burnoutawesome
type of user I would invite: I am in several communities of financial writers and editors as well as in several SEO groups so I will start there.
I want to contribute to the blockchain and the community, it is the first time I participate in initiatives like this but have no doubt that I will give my 100% to find an effective and intelligent way to invite more people.

My discord name is jsalvage#6441
From the beginning, I have been onboarding newbies within and outside my locality. So doing it again, won't be odious work for me☺. Hence, I'm applying for this request. From my account, it's obvious to detect the number of users I have recruited so far.

I don't know. IMO this offer would be better for outside influencers and not for average hive users.

For example little youtube/twitch channels (10k-50k subs/500 avg viewers) without sponsors.

Show them a way to earn and onboard on hive. The community are not that big around and can been taken, if enough little do it, bigger will follow.

Only my 2 cents.

This will be an onboarding program that'll keep evolving over time. This is one of the first steps, as mentioned in the previous post, we will gladly attempt to help sponsor and/or fund events & gatherings, get onboarded users to also be eligible to onboard others through us and if there's some good opportunities for bigger content creators to join. If get a proven record of good retention rates we'll also look for assistance from the DHF to further scale the program as well.

3% are too low to become attention from big affiliates and onboarders :) But it is a good start anyway.

To design a system that works longterm, it need IMO a hybrid from PR work rewards+ onboarding rewards. Or even better a simple way to release your own product/token/community, it's worth promoting without high upfront costs.

Like a tribe, but more open/connective to hive.

For PR work ( that works for onboarding really good too),

we need a way to rewards massive. Think about posts on the most famous News Websites on the Internet. This gives a lot of attention, but they also cost a lot of cash upfront.

If we find a way, to easy and neutral reward this work, it would change hive marketing forever. The chance must be there if you onboard 50k -100k people/month to make competitive money out of it. It would be at these hive prices mean, become a whale :P

Competition would flat the rewards. Even the Hive brand name would be spread wider + search engine rankings would increase on a ton of topics :)

If is planned to build something like this, I could help with it.

PS: I think about selling onboard tokens for dapps on hive:)

1Token = 1 onboard, thinking at the moment about the price because of no backdata how the conversion rate would be:)

PS. There'll be some great opportunities for content creators you mention in the near future, all of these benefits listed here + poshtoken of them sharing Hive links are going to be interesting ways to earn even if you don't regularly create content and just share others posts as long as you have an audience outside of Hive. :)

For now, i have no idea what posh tokens do :D

The app is awesome

Please follow me. Thanks

Nice post and thanks for voting for me I really appreciate it


My username: icarri

I started using this platform not quite so long but so far, I've been so interested to explore it more🤗. For now, I'm trying to explain to my friends on what kind of platform is this and I' am happy that I got to share this to them💞. One of my friend recently join here on hive😁.

Actually, I have someone on my mind that is a good content creator and might be a great fit for this platform😊. I will only encourage those people who have the passion and willingness to share their talents and wisdom here on hive😊.

I want to participate because I'm really interested on learning more about this while meeting new people 😊. I also want to share this to the people that I know have potential in being a blogger/content creator. Lastly, I want to be engaged more because it might help me grow as a person💖

Thank you!💞

I really missed a lot but the information been shared really moved me to join to make more moves. But please I still need slight guideline

Hi, my Hive name is klausklaus

I will onboard from my Telegram Kryptogroup youg krypt enthusiasts, https://t.me/kryptow

I want so support young Hive Bloggers.

Hi, I like you.

Thanks buddy

OCDB Friend Can I join your community?I like your community a lot.