[Contest] OCD & POSH need a logo! (100 Hive for each winning logo + post rewards for the winner)

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Rules are pretty simple, a new logo for OCD and POSH. It needs to be one that also looks distinguishable as a small version.

Some obvious examples of what I'm looking for for both:



For OCD we'd like to go with the "company" style, this'll give you a lot of freedom with colors, fonts and style but bonus points if you can get in a fish/whale or both in there and include the letters "OCD" (without dots) our current "logo":

POSH on the other hand doesn't have a single logo or idea as of yet so that one will get a lot more freedom to be creative.

You should know though that POSH is about "proof of sharing" that we started a long time ago, it'll also have its own token eventually so the logo would be nice to also be usable as a circle and it would be nice if it fits to what it represents somewhat.

In regards to not wasting a lot of people's time, we'd love to "reserve" you the right to create the logo if you comment with your interest and show us some examples of your past creations. This'll remove the need to have tens of people create logo's and make it a high chance that you may have wasted your time.

If you disregard the above and still want to go ahead and give it a shot, there is a chance we may choose yours over the final draft of the "reserved" one. This is something the reserved logo creator needs to understand as well. Either way, as a thank you we'll be voting up good entries depending on the efforts we think went into it and depending on our liking of your work.

You can either leave a comment with your entry logo here or a comment to the post of yours if you prefer making a bigger post with steps, etc.

Thanks for reading and participating in our contest! Feel free to ask away if you have any questions. :)

100 Hive for the OCD logo + half of the post rewards and the same for the POSH logo!


And here's my submission for the OCD logo:


It'd be nice if you choose my submission, but if not I'm thrilled for whoever else ends up winning, much love! 🙏

P.S. I noticed it appeared small, so here it is on it's own, plus it's available in scalable vector formats like .AI or .SVG if desired:


Esta ballena esta preciosa, excelente idea de las letras arriba en la gotas de agua.

Muchas gracias, ¡aprecio las amables palabras! 🙏

Thanks very much, I appreciate the kind words! 🙏

I love the lil whale with the water spouts! It's adorable. And his smiley face! Very welcoming. Well done! 😍😘❤️

Thanks! The logo should scale fairly well, at favicon-size it may have to drop a detail or two (like the letters or mouth), but it'll still maintain it's integrity. Could also substitute a slightly 'cleaner' font making it a bit more 'polished' at the cost of also being more 'corporate' and a bit less 'friendly.'

To me, the spouts represent the 'fountains of content' and curation that @ocd provides.

Anyway, it was fun to make. Glad you like it, hopefully @acidyo and the community does too! 🙏

To me, the spouts represent the 'fountains of content' and curation that @ocd provides.

YES! I love it.

I'm glad it was fun to make and it was for me to help. I loved it so much I couldn't wait for my shower to be over and I replied to Your texts about it in the shower LOL

lol, that's quality enthusiasm / dedication. A good response to see for a logo. 😁

Thanks for your awesome entry! I will curate these all in one go at the end of the week and decide on the winners with some other OCD curators! :) Cheers!

Awesome, thanks, I'm looking forward to it! Wishing you a great week! 🙏

Splash mountain hahahha this is sweet , good luck with the entry

Thanks again miss! 🙏

hello I really like this initiative I am new to the community and I have no previous logo designs but I would like to leave my contribution, thanks for this opportunity. @acidyo @ocd
Logo OCD por @german0189.png

Muy bonito, me gusta por la apariencia de rompecabezas a los lado de la ballena.

Muchas gracias omaira me gusta que haya sido de tu agrado :)

Awesome entry, thanks! Will curate and decide on a winner by the end of the week! :)

Thank you, I am very happy that at least you were able to see my proposal :)

My humble entry. OCD logo, inspired in @acidyo portraid background, working now in the POSH logo... i have not idea where start jaja.



Lo combinación de rojo y negro, con la insignia de voto me encanta

Gracias, hago mi mejor esfuerzo.

Both images were designed from scratch using Canva mobile application.





Me gusta tu propuesta del posh.

Thank you 😊😘💕

Thank you ☺️💕😊❤️

Me encantaron tus logos, la verdad la combinación de colores le da un contraste único y los hace ver espectacular.

Gracias, @mariana30 animate a participar.

Here's my submission for Posh. I aimed to represent the 'sharing' (from one hand/person to another), as well as the 'proof' aspect (checked, verified, proven). I'd be honored if you chose mine. (Colors can be changed, scalable vector available) :D


And here's some early drafts and logo-progression:


However it turns out, I'm so glad y'all are elevating your logo, design, branding, and public-facing materials. Props :) 🙏

I love it. It says "proof of sharing" to me. Well done, mi Amor 🙏❤️

Thank you kindly, I'd love for it to resonate with everybody else too. Fingers crossed! 🙏

From hand to hand great ide , no w on to number two blog, on my way

(bows) thank you! 🙏

Logo design creation for OCD LOGO (only)

You can find, a big size and one small size of it on the Blog Post 👇


It's amazing!
Can't wait to see your posh logo

Thank you Chinmay,

and Sorry, I didn't even start for Posh Logo 😇 so I don't think I can join that...

I think @acidyo mentioned in one of the comments that the deadline for submissions will be the day of the payout of this post. I think there are still 2 days left. I think it will be enough time if u change your mind :)

Yes, hehe you are right, if my mind beat the laziness in me 😄 I will definitely share some of my best try for POSH logo.

Me encantan tus diseños.

Thank you 😊

I love the vector design, I think it would look better without the ocd letters covering it, the vector is what should stand out the most. maybe you can add the hive logo inside the eye so it doesn't get in the way of the letters

did all of this in Photoshop cc and also providing the PSD for making changes if needed. Took some time to figure out what was posh that was the reason for the delay in creation of posh





Download the LOGO and PSD from here: logos.zip

The way you added the whale is really great. Looks a lot like professional work. Good work

Hi @acidyo ... i stumbled upon this post with some spare time at hand and thought i could use a little finger excercise for a great project and the #hive in general 😁 So here is my suggestion on how the two projects could look like logowise:


PS: Switch to Light Mode for a more unobstructed view ;)

#liquideye #ocdlogo #poshlogo

Love the new colors , great work I am not a judge but I am going to your blog to vote now

thank you 🖖🏼😎🤙🏼

Hey guys, that's my entry.

Hope you guys like it. Feedback me if i did something wrong or dont fill the rules. @acidyo

i did a post with the creative process and i will post in another medias to engagement.


Love it gonna fo to the design blog from you now


Love the way you added fishes in there. Very creative

Thanks, getting fish into the logos was actually a decent challenge when trying to blend it in with text. Just wanted to put the team to work and see what creative things they came up with :)

They did a great job with that

Are you guys, professional designers

My proposal for the POSH logo. Here is the link to my publication with the complete information of the graphic concept https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@charsdesign/contest-ocd-and-posh-need-a-logo-my-graphic-proposal-of-the-logo-posh-mi-propuesta-grafica-del-logo-de-posh

POSH logo version 2.jpg

POSH logo final.jpg

@charsdesign great design 😍 😊

I really like this one, we'll announce winners shortly, thanks for participating!

Thank you very much @acidyo! I enjoyed participating in this contest. 👍

Third batch of OCD logo drafts.

Fonts: Futura Std Extrabold for the acronym OCD and Futura Std Light for the text Content Original Decentralized.
Concept: Fusion of the icon with the acronym. Representing a whale swimming freely through the waters of the seas.
Colors: navy blue and turquoise blue in solid tones represent aquatic life and the ocean that is its habitat.

ocd logos third batch.jpg

ocd logos third batch 1.jpg

These are awesome, I really like the last one especially! Thanks for participating!

Hi @acidyo!

It is very motivating to know that my design has been of your liking.
Thank you very much! 😃

Hey @charsdesign could you send me a DM on discord?

You'll find me either by joining our server: https://discord.gg/8k6z2H5y or through: Acidyo#9749 directly.

Hi @acidyo my DM is charsdesign#5091

Hello, fellows!
Here is the second batch of OCD logo drafts.

Selected font: Futura Std Extrabold for the acronym OCD and Futura Std Light for the text Original Content Decentralized.
Isotype: two minimalist whales in constant synergy evoking Yin and Yan and forming the letter O. Just like the synergy that must exist between all of us who live within the community.
Colors: navy blue and gradient turquoise blue represent aquatic life and the ocean that is its habitat.

ocd logos second batch.jpg

ocd logos second batch 1.jpg

Hi this is my entry

Thank you


hi! I had done this designs. Here I had detailed the process and concept beneath it, I hope you like it: https://peakd.com/design/@delcarmat/engesp-contest-ocd-and-posh-logo-process-of-design

Hi @acidyo !
Thanks for wonderful initiative!
I was thinking to make a post about graphic but fail to make it long that is why I decided to entry only graphic.
Here is my Entry.

logo of ocd & posh.png
Thank you


Hi everybody! Some drafts of the logo. Please, go to the post to get further information about the concept. https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@charsdesign/contest-ocd-and-posh-need-a-logo-my-graphic-proposal-to-ocd-logo-mi-propuesta-grafica

OCD LOGO v1.jpg

OCD LOGO v4.jpg

OCD LOGO v5.jpg

OCD LOGO v6.jpg

Yesterday I was so busy creating these drafts, layout the post, and with my work that I skip putting the different uses of these logo versions. As you can see, the logo concept can be converted to a single color, it can be reduced in size and still legible, and it can also be used on dark slide backgrounds.
It would be great to have some kind of feedback on this. Thanks!

ocd logo formats.jpg

Hey @chinmay.art!
Thanks for your appreciation. I saw your designs too and they are very nice. 🙂


this is one of the best logos i have seen

Thank you! 😁

Hello @acidyo. Here are my logo ideas for OCD and POSH. Hope you'll find them interesting.


Very nice, I like your one !BEER

Thank you for appreciating @davidesimoncini!

Hey @storiesoferne, here is a little bit of BEER from @davidesimoncini for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Yours and the one of @batishta are my favorite for now

Greetings, here are my proposals @acidyo 🤗🐳🐋

Hi @acidyo Here is my entry for the two logos. I also made an animation with the OCD logo, I hope you like it.


Hello, this is my entry i hope you like it



Thanks again for the opportunity! I had an absolute blast with this.

Hi @acidyo , thank you for this opportunity,
I am excited to participate, I hope I can give a logo that you like.
My longing is to continue to grow in the community and help others grow.
My entry for the contest:

Hi @acidyo, here are more ideas for the OCD and POSH logos.





Here is my submission for the POSH logo



LLegue tal vez algo tarde, pero mi conexión me ha fallado mucho, aquí les dejo tres propuestas sencillas , feliz tarde 😁




Nice ones, haha, the one in the upper right corner maybe not, as that's Bitconnect. :P

haha I did not know, I searched share in google and it was the symbol that most appeared to me XD

This is my participation to your OCD's logo:

And this is the cover for your post...


I really like this one, thanks for your entry!

Thanks @acidyo. Glad you liked it!


Hola amigos me complace estar participando en este concurso, aquí les dejo mi entrada Gracias.
Hello friends I am pleased to be participating in this contest, here is my entry Thank you.

Ballena errante.png


Original Content Decentralized (1).png

i'm presenting my entry on both logos in few minits.


Hi @acidyo I saw this post a few days ago and I liked it a lot, here I leave my participation.

Logo 1.png

some variants
Logo 2.png

Logo 3.png

Logo 5.png


Hello @acidyo, i'm presenting my entry on both logos, in this one they share colors and other features.




Here my creations. If chosen, all rights reserved until official transfer. I'll publish a post soon with the whole creation process. I also create a second choice for the OCD but I'll post it only in the future article.

I add the outline as in a icon example.

The POSH logo:

and the OCD Logo:


They are only drafts, it is possible to choose other color or finishing touch.
Thank you very much :)

Hi @acidyo @ocd, this is my proposal for the OCD logo. Here is my complete presentation, there are many surprises!

This is just the beginning...

OCD_ Identificador-05.jpg

Hellooooo !!! @acidyo @ocd @ocdb. This is my second proposed entry for the #POSH logo.

POSH_ Identificador-06.jpg

My full participation is here.

Blessings and luck to all contestants.

I like the idea behind the posh logo very much, thanks for participating!

Thanks to you for the opportunity!🙏🏼🙌🏼

Hello, everyone. I saw this post made by @acidyo and, although I am not a professional in logo design, I also wanted to contribute. Here I show you the design I made for the OCD logo.


Hello @acidyo. Nice to be able to greet you. I'm just seeing your contest and I was encouraged today.

  • I made several designs with the OCD and POSH. It took me some time, because I couldn't find the right colors to make it look good. Until I was able to do it. I think they are ideal to be chosen. I particularly like the OCD one. It has a lot of style and is in keeping with what you are asking for.

I hope you liked them. Best regards, my friend.

Azul Blanco Lobo Gaming Logotipo.png

Azul Blanco Lobo Gaming Logotipo (1).png

Blanco y Rojo Forma Redonda Física Logotipo.png

Blanco y Rojo Forma Redonda Física Logotipo (1).png

Logotipo para Dj de Música Remember 80s con Efecto Neón, rosa y azul brillante.png


My participation, I could not publish it before. I hope it is not too late.


OCD Logo.

  1. image.png

  2. image.png

In the above ones, I left the whale as C of OCD.

  1. image.png

Love shape with two whales.

Font: Niagara Solid.


Hi @acidyo here I leave my grain of sand to this beautiful contest you made, and I thank God for helping me to make these designs with love to contribute to this contest.




Ohhh and also here I leave you the link of my publication of other logos for #ocd and #posh I hope you like them.


Diseño sin título.png

Hi too all, I Made My versión of both logos in My freak digital artist work desing that I apply with My Puku NFTs I hope that You like it:





hey nahu! Isn't it supposed to be OCD, not ODC. Your logos turned out really well. There is still time in case you want to change it to ocd.

Thanks a Lot well I create really transgresor art lol i'm rebel yell but I Change It - Done

I really apreciate your help. God bless You

ocd1 nahupuku.png

I made a lot of Trash Digital Art Mix Collage tech - so I hope that you like it - More Info here in my post :)

I'd like to call myself a logo designer but if I'm honest, all of my commissions and work has been for gaming/social media. But I'd be absolutely ludicrous to not give it my best shot. Hope to make you guys proud ✌️

Wuut, awesome! Can't wait to see your creations :D

I'm a graphic design apprentice, I'll launch a little project about logo and graphic design services. I published some posts here on Hive and I collected them in a page on publish0x, at the following link

Do you think I can start this work? It seems a nice idea.

Which one are you mostly interested in? I'm thinking I might skip the reserve idea initially in the post and just let people have at it and the curate their entries even if they don't happen to be chosen for the main prize.

The idea isn't bad but the choice is yours. I was perhaps more inclined to the logo intended for "posh" but I could also create one for "ocd", time permitting.
The important thing I want to understand: what would be the deadline for submissions?

I placed 1 week time initially, thinking with the rewards paying out at the same time. Is that something that would be possible?

I think yes, If I'll design something, I'll post it. Do you need to have a link to the post here, if I'll create a post with the logo example?

I want to invite the gifted hivers @justclickindiva @shrazi @quantumg @eve66 @librepensadora to enter their magic

I might give it a try aswell

Thank you Miss Britt for the invite, I will also try to come up with something 😁

Your style is unique nobody else does it like you so that might have a different angle on the designs
Have a great weekend , hug for the kids 😉

Thank you very Much, it is all about your love to appreciates me
I will definitely try for my best, but I am not professional just a casual...

You know I am a fan of casual because it stands out 😉

So awesome @brittandjosie ! I submitted my OCD ideas already, and about to post my POSH ones. Fun contest, I'm psyched to see yours! 🙌

Well I did make something but it’s difficult for me I am no way a pro and so it’s almost finished , I am going to your account now to see your entry

All good, whatever you come up with I'm eager to see! Every idea and contribution helps, right? :) 🙏

I have some ideas but normally takes my team a good week or so to come back with logo mockups and then getting to a finalized design. If that's ok I'll start brainstorming and get some in the works. Since it's going to be a while is there a discord or a place to drop the finalized mockups? No need to use them it's just something I enjoy doing and maybe one of the designs will pop

It'd be much better if you posted them or commented, that way we can give you a nice reward either way even if you don't end up winning for your time and effort!

I would be happy to participate, I am an apprentice but I would like to try, here are 2 logos that I have made.

My unique defense method is PhotoScape jaja but I will try to make something

I'm going to work on this, I like the idea. Here a little bit of my work

Nice, I'm excited over your entry! :)

Hi @acidyo here are my proposals for the OCD logo. The process and creative concept are in the post, thanks.


ocd logo 2 pantalla.jpg

ocd logo 1 pantalla.jpg

ocd logo 3 pantalla 2.jpg

ocd logo 3 pantalla.jpg

Really good entry, much respect. 🙏

I do digital art, so creating a logo would be a new experience for me. It sounds fun and I hope to create a logo that you guys want. I already have some interesting ideas to work on. How many entries are allowed per person, in case if I have doubt selecting between the logos?