Harvesting the grain (Zero sleep)

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So this has been a busy week with all the extra grain harvesting, plus keeping all the resource production buildings running non stop.😅 #cryptobrewmaster

Here's how my two row barley malt production went for one day :

Step 1 : Growing and harvesting the barley. Produced around 20 of these; using all outstanding water. Was lucky enough to get only three excellent and rest were all outstanding.

grain field.png

Step 2 : Soaking the harvested grain to make barley malt. Produced around 10 of these; using all outstanding water. Mostly all were outstanding except for one masterpiece and two excellent.

malt house.png

So, is it profitable? 😭
Given the rental and repair costs of two buildings + Energy costs + Water costs + Zero sleep; I believe the current prices for the 2 row barley malt in the market are very cheap. Anything less than 9cbm would probably be a loss in my books.
As a producer, I would like to see my produce sell above 10cbm. The prices would still be justified even if it was selling for 15cbm; since not everyone will be able to produce the same quantity per day, But this would drive up the costs of producing beer.

Should I keep producing or shut down my business? 😂

 2 months ago 

you did well last week!
keep brewing!!

Thank you!!
I got an hive account for my brother and made him sign up for the game as well, he's already doing better than me lol. I should've given him a better username though haha.
Will try again this week, thanks for the rewards