Training the heart to invest

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I was talking with a couple of friends yesterday about various aspects of DeFi platforms, risks, crazy yields and the various losses and said, "I am not cut out for this". The first reply was based on my results, which are not too bad considering there have been a few terrible calls saying, I am cut out for this but then I rephrased, "my heart isn't"

You can train your heart.

Fair play.

This is true and while a lot of people think that old dogs are unable to learn new tricks, the sad fact of the matter is - that is bullshit. It is very much possible to retrain what we do and while there are various limitations, I think when it comes to improving ourselves emotionally (the heart), there is no end to the journey, we an improve til the day we die, some even believe in an afterlife, so I am guessing improvement would be possible there also if they are correct.


Emotional control has gone out of favor the last handful of decades as people have been trained to "show their emotions" and have taken the belief that it is in the "showing" that the value lays. No, it is in the ability to choose to show, which requires emotional maturity and dexterity to be able to feel, evaluate and then make a decision as to whether showing the emotion brings value to the situation.

Some people believe that emotions should be shown unrestricted, without acknowledging that a lot of the emotions we feel are actually false positives, where the trigger is a misread and the emotion arises automatically, even though the information is poor.

"How dare you say I look fat in this!!"
I said "fab" dear. FAB.

Features. Advantages. Benefits.

Emotional control

Emotions are great, as without them we feel nothing other than the physical senses we have, meaning that they help us evaluate our world and build strategies about which paths we are going to take. They are a tool. But, they are often inaccurate and they will move on all information that comes into the awareness, even if at the fringe. This can be very handy to be able to make fast and rough decisions, such as a fight or flight response, but they also trigger at inopportune times. Being able to catch the emotions as they arise and investigate their validity and application, is emotional control.

Advantages of Emotional Control

Being able to control emotions and choose when, how or if they are relevant or if they are to be shown, means being able to make emotions a resource. This means that they can be used to empower and improve personal and environmental conditions. A lot of people talk about "my emotions" without realizing that if they are unable to control their flow or impact, they do not own them, they are a passenger, a victim of their emotions, a victim of themselves. No wonder that with the reduction in effort to control emotions, there is a rise of victimhood mentality.

Benefits of emotional control

Again, the emotionally uncontrolled are victims of themselves, but they make them victims of the environment too, as they express their unevaluated or validated emotions, but still believe they are justified to do so without consequence or response. Emotionally uncontrolled people believe that their emotions are paramount in importance and that the environment should bow down to them. But, they are in a world of largely emotionally uncontrolled people and the response can be swift and severe, creating a lot of damage to current or halting potential relationships. The emotionally controlled are able to harness the power of the tool and use them to manipulate their world, in the same way a hammer can build a house. The emotionally uncontrolled swing the hammer around hitting other and themselves in the process.

Over the last four-plus years, I have gone from my worst economic position in my life to my best economic position, and while not yet comfortable, I have built up strategies to approach the environment. One of these has been to improve my emotional response to economic stimulus and the concepts of failure, loss and success. I didn't have to do too much to actually train formally, I just had to participate and pay attention to the feedback I was getting from the environment and myself. From there, I had to reflect and work out whether or not my response was appropriate to the environmental inputs I was receiving.

Over time, I have been able to improve my personal understanding about a whole range of financial and economic factors and be part of investing into many aspects of them, but more importantly, I have been able to evaluate and validate my emotional response in these areas. I used to carry a lot of fear that would hold me back, now I carry a lot of fear that I can use to slow myself down, do some due diligence and still move into the fray.

I have trained my heart.

What is interesting to note is that with this training, I have become more risk-seeking in my investment strategies and it has indeed paid off. A lot of people will note the difference in attitude to the growing value, but that is not the case, as I was taking this path while value was declining from the last bullmarket and deep into the bear. This reflective path was able to "survive" the bear emotionally, because it was able to identify and acknowledge the feelings in regards to the environment and instead of being uncontrolled, put them aside and replace the automatic physical response to emotions, with activity that would look to build for better times.

If there is the belief that the world will be better, behavior has to support that belief. A lot of the emotionally uncontrolled have a disconnect between their belief of their world and their behavior, meaning that they are constantly going to be facing conflict, as things are never as they expect them to be, because if they were, they wouldn't be emotionally surprised. But, because of the lack of control, they are constantly butting heads with the world and the people in it, having their automatic responses based on their emotional response, lead their actions.

A lot of our emotional response is built in childhood and habitualized, making it feel like part of us, even though it is at least partly, a learned behavior. We begin to identify with our emotions as ours, even though we do not own them, nor take responsibility for them at all.

From observation, we all tend to have some kind of emotional relationship with money, investing, loss, success and failure and it is those of us who have been able to build personal understanding and control around these subjects that tend to have the best experience with them, as the emotional response and the behavior is aligned with the belief of the future.

We are products of our past, but this doesn't mean we can't affect how we approach the present and point ourselves in a different direction for the future. But, when we keep replaying the same habitual responses based on our past emotional learning, we are continually going to take an automated response and one that we are likely not going to want, if we could choose for ourselves. We do a lot of work to increase our opportunity and range of choice in the world - but if we aren't even able to stop ourselves from acting on misguided emotional response, what choice do we really have?

A lot of people spend a lot of their time thinking about how to invest their money to generate more - but their heart isn't playing the same game.

Training is needed.

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Thank you for the reminder @azircon.

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I can say that I am an “old dog” and I am learning “new tricks” almost everyday, while keeping some of the old ways constant. Because “sometimes old ways are the best”, you choose what you like to keep and what you like to change. Sure you can train your heart.

Nothing wrong with the old ways, as long as they are still effective that is. Over a decade ago, I broke up with my ex and a couple friends (mostly women) said to internet date as it is "easy" - Why would I want easy, when I can have quality? People give up skills for convenience, and miss real value.

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Oh man, I needed this this morning. Emotions are very high with stuff here at work. I am about to flip my lid and I need to just calm down/cool down, etc. I am a little bit close to feeling like I am out of control. :P Great stuff here. Thanks for the post!

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No worries mate. Ever notice how sometimes, the right content falls into view at the right time? It is when you are surrounded by a range of the right content. Too many people eat fast food.

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That's deep man, but very true from an early age it was instilled i needed a 9-5 or more importantly the security of this, absolute Bull, mind you i didn't learn this until i was in my twenties and was made redundant, i chose to not get another job and instead create a car website and run ads on it, this as you can now see is Planetauto, where both Annabelle and myself can do what we want when we want, as long as it maintains consistency on our Social media and other platforms.

What we do everyday is what we set as our ultimate goal, and we've achieved it in around 4 years with a Pandemic in the centre of it.

Like you we're in the best financial position we've ever been in, we also hold crypto and multiple revenue streams too.

Both Annabelle and myself had to live 9-5 to see that's what we had no intention of doing for 50 plus years, as you mention you're never too old, thank you @tarazkp

Our mantra is only do it if it makes you smile, at social media contract interview - the guys asked us what our future plans were, we said this and they looked vacant, this was for a massive Automotive Event in the centre of London, which has now gone.

where both Annabelle and myself can do what we want when we want, as long as it maintains consistency on our Social media and other platforms.

This is living the dream, isn't it?

Both Annabelle and myself had to live 9-5 to see that's what we had no intention of doing for 50 plus years

It comes with experience, but it still requires the learning of the lesson. For me, I don't mind the 9-5 life that much, as I get to do some fun things too, but I would like to get to a point where I can be a little more choosy. Getting there now :)

People do not understand enjoyment of business, they only see that it should grow exponentially and then they wonder why so many collapse.

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Yes we are living the dream, and our business is fun, far more than our previous business corporate event management, it was enjoyable at times, where as the cars is fun everyday, also the love we get from audience, it inspires us.

I keepnto investing in things i understand which isnt always just crypto. A lot of people dont realize how much money they can make with land, or even yards. Doesnt take much space to grow many many things, and a lot of fruits require almost no work beyond harvesing. There are mamy places to invest in crypto, and traditional vehicles, but also in other places in your life. Including investing in knowledge. Learning new skills in the evening instead of watching tv. Make steady habits of investing in every aspect of your life, and you will soon see returns. After years of this you will be suprised how they culminate.

or even yards

I guess this is locational.

Learning new skills in the evening instead of watching tv.

This is what I wish people would spend more time doing. I find it strange how much of consumer content is watching other people live their lives.

Make steady habits of investing in every aspect of your life, and you will soon see returns. After years of this you will be suprised how they culminate.

Totally agree. In at least some ways, I am living proof. In other ways, I could have made some better decisions along the way :D

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Excellent behavioral post based on EQ and decision-making processes.

You are writing about triggers, the congruence between advantages and disadvantages, self-motivation, and a bit of self-irony, fab!

I have to admit it is one of my favorite Hive articles by far!

Thanks for providing this content to us!

Glad you liked it. I used to write more of these kinds of posts, but they are less engaging, so I tend to put this content mixed into other content that people are more likely to read with - topic inception. ;D

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Yes, it was a very pleasant text and I just went with its flow.
I'm glad I have read it in the morning so it really gave me a boost of creativity and I started posting also.

Hugs and good night!

One day the future may be worse than today, but today is better than the days of the past. It seems fear is the one emotion that people have the most difficulty with, especially when it comes to trying to examine the future.

I reckon there is a shifting of values going on, but these things take a lot of time. 100 years from now, if we survive and take the same track, we are in trouble.

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Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks has never taught an old dog new tricks XD

takes much longer than teaching a puppy but is absolutely doable