Hanging Out Next to the River With My Dad... Look What We Found!

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Wow, life sure is a sequence of ever-unfolding miracles, huh?

My father and I were out & about, enjoying the sounds of the river and chopping back a bunch of the invasive "Wild Blackberry" (Rubus armeniacus), when he noticed something strange on the ground.

Wow, a GoPro, in its waterproof case :-) After getting back and taking it apart, it's a GoPro Hero 6 Black, about $250 new these days.

Turns out, at some point (potentially 2016 - but I question the date stamps), somebody used this little guy for the first time, mounted it to a remote control boat, and promptly flipped the boat and lost the camera forever... until it washed up here sometime this winter.

It actually has video footage on it, of it's final adventure... followed by something like half an hour of footage from the bottom of the river :-P

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illegal rowboat murder footage lol

gopro time capsule lol