Lost Memories (Original Art)

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Hello to all! Welcome to this digital space, my HIVE blog "Tracing Thoughts".

Today i return to the concept of the mind as a place one can visit and explore.
So wile walking around this meadows, wondering about the mind, i discover the trenches were someone has been digging, apparently looking for:

Lost Memories


Original - Hand drawing (9.5x15), Blue and Black pen with HB and Blue pencil over Canson notebook.

Some details of the line work.

Detail 01


Detail 02


Detail 03


Detail 04


Detail 05


That is all for now, stay tuned as i have some more in the making and will be posting again soon, until then stay strong, stand in truth.

"The intention of this art work as all the others i present here is to make the observer think, imagine, question!
The title off the work and the small introduction is a sort off guide line that represents in some sense the author perception, it doesn't fully describes the work as it's interpretation is free and personal.

If you find some interest on it, or not and are willing to give feedback, you are free...
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