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If you read my article yesterday you will know my oldest sister was asking my mother why she does not wear a mask.

I asked her why she is and asked her to stop pressuring my mother which is also her mother as I live and let live. She (my sister) is a liberal virtue signalling moron who wants to have a say in anyone's life that does not want to comply with what she is willing to comply with. (WW2 and Nazi Germany would have suited comrade oldest sister nicely.

I am now done with her forever for trying to force my elderly 80 year old mother to wear a face mask mid summer.

The knock on of this is my mother was happy with me sticking up for her and her 90 year old husband AKA step father.

So much so she went out of her way to look for alternative information away from the TV scripted news narrative re convid1984.

And she came up with the light I am happy to say.

It is free to read. Ordinary people like you and I funded and here is a link =

It covers in this July edition many truth topics.

All factual, all well written. I do hope you at least give it a try.

  • "Censorship now at Orwellian levels" Is one headline.

  • "‘Climate Emergency’ driven by faulty models and fake news" Is another.

  • "Masks do more harm than good" Yet another.

  • "Corporate hypocrisy abounds" And on and on the articles go.

Here is the mask article from the above link.

"PAGE 4 UK NEWS = Masks do more harm than good WHILST masks are a successful psychological tool to remind the public to remain alert, they are not effective in preventing the community spread of disease.In the summer of 2020, mandates were introduced to compel healthy people to wear masks in the community, purportedly to reduce the spread of covid-19. Prior to this time, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and UK politicians alike did not originally support face coverings for the healthy but then u-turned, apparently in response to heavy political lobbying.
In the early stages of the novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom, public health advice remained that masks for the general public were of little benefit, and could even be harmful.
There is emerging evidence that cloth masks can amplify the spread of particles by acting as a ‘microniser’, transforming large droplets, which would ordinarily fall swiftly to the ground close to the person, into smaller, truly airborne and respirable droplets.As has been established in another of our articles on asymptomatic spread, for a person to be ‘clinically relevant’ in public health terms, they must have symptoms. The mandating of mask-wearing for the majority of the population who are perfectly healthy is not an effective public health measure to contain the spread of any disease. Prior to 2020 this was not a controversial position. Whilst masks have undoubtedly been a successful psychological tool to remind the public to remain alert, they have not achieved their primary objective, that is, to act as a safe and effective measure to curb the spread of disease.Contrary to the government message that it ‘follows the science’, the sudden change in advice by the WHO was not based on any new, high-quality scientific studies. By summer 2020, there was substantial evidence that non-medical masks for the general public did not reduce the transmission of respiratory illnesses. A review of 14 controlled studies had concluded that masks did not significantly lessen the spread of seasonal ‘flu in the community. A Norwegian Institute for Public Health review found that non-medical masks achieve no benefit for healthy individuals, particularly when viral prevalence is low. From a common sense angle, scientists had argued that cloth masks contain perforations that are far too big to act as a viral barrier and therefore ‘offer zero protection against covid-19’. Inevitably, the public often wear masks incorrectly, or improperly handle them when putting them on, or removing them, constituting an additional infection hazard. There has been recognition of this contamination risk in the scientific literature and other researchers have cautioned against the use of cloth face coverings. Potential harms to the wearer include exhaustion, headaches, fatigue and dehydration. Some doctors have suggested an increased risk of pneumonia. Furthermore, the widely varying physical characteristics of the face coverings used by people in the community, that are not standardised for material, fit, length of wearing, changes after washing and drying, and disposal, means that laboratory research on mask efficacy cannot be generalised to real world situations.With particular reference to covid-19, the only large randomised controlled trial exploring the benefits of adopting face coverings in the community found that masks (even the surgical variety) did not result in a significant reduction in infection risk for the wearer. A detailed analysis of all research investigations, including those purported to suggest that masks might achieve some benefits, led to the view that there is ‘little to no evidence’ that cloth masks in the general population are effective.Masks impair verbal communication, render lip-reading impossible for the deaf, and stymie emotional expression, the latter effect potentially constituting a gross impediment to children’s social development. Acting as a crude, highly visible reminder that danger is all around, face coverings are maintaining widespread, irrational fear.Wearing a mask will heighten the distress of many people with existing mental health problems and may trigger ‘flashbacks’ for those historically traumatised by physical and/or sexual abuse.
Sadly, going without a mask (even as a means of avoiding psychological distress) can often attract harassment and further victimisation. In response to this, ‘exemption lanyards’ have been developed, which further stigmatise those who cannot wear face coverings due to health conditions or psychological trauma
.The government are already talking about requiring secondary-school pupils to wear masks in indoor areas for the entire day. In addition to the lack of demonstrable benefits as described above, it is most concerning that no comprehensive risk assessment of potential harms has been carried out before making these demands. Prior to imposing this requirement for masks, a full assessment should have been conducted, incorporating the following areas:•Assessment of oxygen levels in mask wearer at the beginning and end of the day•Assessment of impairments to concentration and ability to learn•Assessment of impairment to children with hearing difficulties and special educational needs•Assessment of impairment to psychological well-being•Assessment of possible damages from inhalation of micro-fibres•Assessment of potential harms of repeated use of dirty cloth masks•Assessment of impairment to non-verbal communicationMany of the potential harms may only become apparent in the long-term, thereby casting yet more doubt on the assumption that, for children, the benefits outweigh the risks. What is even more puzzling is that the masking requirement has been introduced at the time of year when there is almost no circulating covid-19 in the community due to its seasonality. There is no justification for this move from the Department for Education. It should be rapidly retracted for the safety and well-being of all children.Wearing a mask is not a benign intervention. Making masks mandatory would only be justified if science had shown they achieved a marked reduction in transmission.

The evidence is simply not there. On the contrary, it is clear that face coverings for healthy people do more harm than good. Additionally, evidence demonstrating that asymptomatic, healthy members of society are unlikely to spread the disease strengthens the conclusion that mask mandates are unnecessary."

I still do not believe in germ "theory" Due to the name, theoretical. But at least they shed a light on the fact masks make people sick not healthy.

Big up to my mother for searching for some truth at 80 years young.

Have a superb weekend and a nice free read on me at the link above.

Been out sailing again today. Got sunburn. Not complaining, On my partners Omen laptop and it is annoying me so will have to leave this article there.

Peace and out.

Edit = Beware ‘Big Brother’ blockchain is worth a read.

All that glitters is not necessarily a solution THOSE in power will say:‘ Blockchain is a secure way for people to own and control their digital footprint, the data they create living through devices and wearable / implantable / ingestible technology in “smart” environments.’In essence, it is a digital ledger that keeps track of EVERYTHING across a decentralised computer network that is said to be permanent and secure.
Picture a real time account book that keeps track not only of your monetary assets (bitcoin – this is how most folks understand blockchain), but also civil records like birth certificates, marriage certificates, and court proceedings; voting records; property ownership; certifications and education credentials; health information including DNA, biometrics, and data from wearable technologies; public benefit access like welfare; and now even one’s movements (geolocation data) and social interactions via QR code health passports and contact tracing. What I say:Whether we know it or not, when we agree to have our lives linked to blockchain, we are agreeing to live in a behaviourist panopticon, a real-life permanent ‘big brother’ society.In exchange for convenience and limited privileges, we will give up our free will. The future being handed to us is one that will be shaped by surveillance, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning, and feedback loops. We risk swapping our vibrant human spirits, beautiful in their passionate creativity and flawed vulnerability, for sanitised digital twins that will be managed as human capital by callous technocrats to profit social impact investors. Before we walk through the door of permanent digital identity, we need to realise it opens onto a maze designed to disorient, confuse, and ultimately control us.We need for people to understand blockchain transcripts are one part of a much larger agenda tied to a world wide economic reboot. A goal of the World Economic Forum is to create a literal Internet of Bodies using 5G (soon 6G) and ‘smart city’ Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Whether people are linked to blockchain via covid biometric health passports or education transcripts, the result will be the same. We are crossing the threshold not just into surveillance capitalism, but into full-on biocapitalism. Our bodies will be mined for data that will run massive futures markets in human capital investing. They need blockchain identity, and they need it brought to scale. However until that happens, there is still time to change course and fight for a humane economic system that respects all mankind and our future generations.Blockchain will not empower the people, it will turn us into digital commodities. Secured on immutable ‘trustless’ ledgers, the plan is for us to be scored, sifted, and sorted in a brutish program of fierce competition and precariousness. Make no mistake, the oligarchs value the reliability of robots over the cunning and unpredictability of humans. Universal Basic Income, and digital vouchers for education, housing and healthcare are poison apples, not solutions meant to help the masses. Blockchain is a deception, and if we take the bait, we’ll end up as playable characters in an augmented reality ‘game of life’ cooked up by the CIA and defense contractors to benefit hedge funds. Don’t fall for anything they come up with - it is never going to be for our benefit

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It's crazy. So sad to see families divided like this.

Here in Australia I keep hearing/reading how the UK is nearly fully vaccinated and how they are getting less hospitalisations and deaths now, but the vaccine is so good that they're still having to wear masks?

We've just come out of a week's lockdown to having to wear masks indoors at public places. The only places I go are shops and the climbing gym. After reading on their Facebook page that masks were recommend, I walked into the gym without a mask and was asked if I had one, to which I replied that I did, but struggle to see while wearing one because my glasses fog up. I was told I didn't have to wear it while on the wall, just off the wall. So the physical surfaces that everyone gets the closest to are where I don't have to wear it?

I have a friend whose mum's had the vaccine and is pouring her to get it, because she's afraid she'll catch covid off her daughter if she isn't also vaccinated. She knows her daughter has chronic autoimmune issues and doesn't react well to vaccines, yet she's still pushing that!

Honestly I wish I could reply and make sense. But this whole event 201 makes no sense.
I have noted though the alleged caring mask wearing morons are the first to turn nasty. Just like my sister when you are not willing to do as they do. Not very caring at all is it, more virtue signalling than caring.

At least my mother is now wide awake and not willing to be coerced into complying with wearing a silly bit of cloth on her face.
She is also no longer speaking to my Hitler sister.

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These are some good videos this is the guy who invented the mrna jabs himself and a top virologist.

Then not to mention the five world leaders who opposed the vaccine all died within one year.

Superb link thank you.

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Which five were they? I've only heard about one of the African presidents dying.

yes five and an attempt on one, ill try and find the post although I left fb now as was so toxic.

yes five and an attempt on one, ill try and find the post although I left fb now as was so toxic.

Yeah I’ve seen some of them say they hope those of us who don’t have the vaccine get covid and die lol.

Me too, shows how caring they really are does it not?

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I'd rather die of Covid than the vaccine.

the alleged caring mask wearing morons are the first to turn nasty.

Fear makes people aggressive and dangerous, just look at what Stalin did.

Living in fear is not living at all.
But they are are so caring they wish upon me death.

They wish death upon anyone who they fear will harm them, once their fear reaches the point of irrationality.

I think they lie about other countries tbh. I am in the Uk. I know a lot of people my age and younger who do not want the vaccine here I think most of our older population had it though. There are a lot of vaccine reactions here by Doctors refuse to connect them. Almost everyone I know knows someoen who had a rly terrible reaction or complications. I don’t wear a mask but I’ll admit most people do now. More seem to wear since it became optional! I also have auto immune and wouldn’t touch it. I’ve always avoided meds and hospitals with extreme natural health and will continue to. Her daughter should check out the correlation between auto immune and leaky gut. It honestly saved my quality of life and got rid of the Ana out of my blood. Probiotics/ parasite cleanse/ no sugar / no processed e food / alkaline diet / no wheat .

Her daughter should check out the correlation between auto immune and leaky gut.

She's already on it. 😉 She reached a point where she could barely string a sentence together and the pain was intolerable. She went gluten free, stopped all chemicals in the house (they cause her migraines) and really saw improvements when she started the regular probiiitics. She's not perfect, but she's gradually functioning much better. Even her arthritis has gone down and the pain in her fingers from it.

My sister is in the UK, is a civil servant, though. Much of what I hear from her is contradictory, but always supporting the narrative. I don't push it, because she's in an awkward position, but it makes me so sad that she just toes the line for that dangling carrot of freedom that keeps moving just that bit further away.

Yes it really works, luckily I found out about the link with gut and auto immune very early, I had terrible stomach issues and then tested for positive ANA. The doctors terrible advice on diet and their inability to really do anything got me seeking for answers elsewhere and natural health and it all went from there. I probably caught mine a lot earlier. My friend had severe arthritis at 24 and was bed ridden by 26, she was going to get her wrists fused in her 20's which is almost unheard of, but with herbalist, kinesiology etc she is living a normal life now, of course not 100 percent perfect but absolutely miles away from where she was. Diet is so important.

They only have a short window to get everyone microchipped and pumped full of graphite oxide so they are going hard out now before the backlash. I wonder how young people will feel a few years down the track when they find out they are infertile...

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Good stuff @shepz1 I think I finally got through to my next door neighbor who took the Pfizer shots. Showed him metallic properties of graphene oxide with metal sticking to his forehead.

Oh dear I feel for them. But like I said to my sister, turn the TV off and look for a pandemic. She is a typical cognitive dissonance sufferer though due to working for government via schooling.

Anywho, cheers bro.

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did he get any sort of look on his face when he grasped what he has been injected with?

Just read @richq11 ;s post..He is always so thorough and up to date. What a diabolic plan these monsters have concocted.. With no leader to stand up to this plan I don't see it being stopped. only a French Revolution type revolt can save us.

i think in about 6 months some of them will be finding out just what is in them...

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I think they are losing people by pushing so hard to jab everyone.. BITEME biden and his assholes are talking mandatory.. for an experimental jab. They want 70 % injected before flipping the 5G on.. I have a white pine grove in my back yard.

I saw that interview ..lot of good it does when the depop plan rolls merrily along. @richq11 )) I really appreciate your writing and research, especially now..

Possible antidote

Thanks Buddy!

Expression changed more serious. He said he wouldn't get the 3rd booster shot. I was magnetized despite not having any medical testing. Just by being around the jabbed. Magnetism going away after taking NAC / GLUTATHIONE precursor.

3rd booster shot? WTF?

That is talked about to quell the Delta variant. Some places they are talking about monthly shots.

there is midwit, and then there is nowit...

Well done mum👍

So happy that she is with it still and can see through the bullshit bro.

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So happy that she is with it still and can see through the bullshit bro.

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I’ve known this was off from the beginning it just didn’t feel right. The more that gets uncovered now the more sure I feel about that. They are definitely disclosing the data as everyone I know knows someoen with a life changing effect from this vaccine and yet I still don’t know anyone who got really sick from covid: I’m not saying no one has but the numbers on either side don’t stack up. Once it all comes out people will go crazy I think, many are already beginning to question: even if someone had the vaccine, I do believe in free choice , anyone wanting or being ok with vaccine passports will be something they look back on with regret.

I have never been as they now term it anti vaccine, I am anti this vaccine as it is not a vaccine at all.
mRNA and being a lab rat does not float my boat.
I start off with politicians are all born liars and work my way down.

I never believed a word of it, and never will. Germ theory is not fact.

If other people want it fine by me.

Thanks for the comment.

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My sister is a liberal virtue signalling moron who wants to have a say in anyone's life that does not want to comply with what she is willing to comply with. (WW2 and Nazi Germany would have suited comrade oldest sister nicely

But has she unfriended you on fakebook yet?

Around 5 years ago yes. and deleted her from my phone today. Live and let live.

Around 5 years ago yes.

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I know a few friends who have tried to get stuff printed in The Light and they're refusing any germ theory denialists air time which tells us they are also part of the convid gravy train. A lot of people are making money or self promoting now the last London rally was pretty typical. We are being led by the nose, different shepherds leading the sheep to the same place.

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I agree to a point, but anything questioning masks and Orwellian level surveillance I consider still worth a read.

Any protest now is infiltrated with under cover police or gov agents. Nobody knows who they can trust anymore.
All for a guess part of the plan. Divide us all further. Stick us in small groups with labels.

And there in is one massive problem. If you are not in agreement with germ theory nobody gives you airtime. So most people have to think inside the box. We need to smash the box. Nothing new comes from regurgitate repeat learning.

When you say 'no-one gives you airtime' I assume you mean mainstream airtime? yeh you're right there so the Light paper could be considered mainstream I guess. Makes sense.

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Only God knows their plans for the innocent citizens.
But I surely know whatever the case may be, we will triumph.

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All we can't never be the same don't be panic

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THOSE in power will say:‘ Blockchain is a secure way for people to own and control their digital footprint, the data they create living through devices and wearable / implantable / ingestible technology in “smart” environments.’In essence, it is a digital ledger that keeps track of

yes I think one of the reason why blockchain technology is the best is about the privacy, as we all know that one of the reason for Apple products to be special is its privacy people love privacy, even the government does not have access to the privacy of a person data in the iCloud even when the person is a criminal, so cryptocurrency blockchain technology also provide the same not only that it also a decentralised currency it is community driven, it is not controlled by the government or private sector ,this is just a threat to the government they wont like it

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In the UK the government are making a digital blockchain passport. I agree private blockchains are good, but I see no good coming from a government blockchain where they can stop you spending and blacklist you for saying the wrong things like they do in China.
Every aspect of peoples life will be monitored and punished via a government digital ID blockchain.

Imagine voting for the losing party (politics) and getting punished for it. That is a possibility.
I see no good from a cashless society with government con-trolling us by blockchain from birth to death.

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yes that is very poor our privacy is highly needed they don't need to monitor our decisions they can just protect the blockchain from harm and thefts but monitoring the decisions of the community is wrong

Agreed but sadly it seems that is the way it is heading.

may God help us and deliver us