GLOBAL ODIA ଅନ୍ତାକ୍ଷରୀ - A global odia musical program connecting people from across the globe

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Our global community Abhinna Odisha's virtual musical was first of its kind

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Sometimes back, I had posted about our global community named Abhinna Odisha to connect people of our Motherland Odisha , located across the world, to our root. This post has all the details that inspired us to engage in such social activities.

Arranging a virtual event of such a large scale was not easy. A lot of planning was necessary and then regular work and continuous follow up made this possible. A form was opened in our website, inviting participation from people across the globe and we got around 24 entries. We had to collaborate with many people to get the right skills to make this event competitive and fair. We planned four elimination rounds, where each round consisted six participants. Out of that, we choose two teams from each elimination round, making total of 8 teams to the finals. Three judges were with us, in all the stages of the program to make sure, the contestants got all the fair judgement. And then we were honored to have to Mr Manoj Rath, as the Chief judge in the finals. To give the program a twist and popular we were trying to find one celebrity singer, and just one day prior to the event, we got the consent of the celebrity singer SHASANK SEKHAR. He is a rising young talent and very popular and has got 285K subscribers on Youtube. You can watch the full program here :

If you want to watch the elimination rounds then here are the link :

I never had experience of hosting any public event, and there is a whole lot learning for me. And the amount of effort that is needed to make the event is not less by any means. Starting from thinking about a theme for next event, name of the event, planning every bits and pieces and connecting with people, creating promos / posters, creating teaser videos, managing social medias, graphical editing, console management, doing dry runs - there is so much. But one thing I can say, this gives immense pleasure to connect to so many people virtually. Everyone is invited to our community and can contribute, and so far we have got some nice people to split the work and do it with high integrity - all voluntarily. And interestingly, as we do more event, more people are getting interested and asking us, if they can contribute, which definitely is a good sign.

Our next event is being planned, and will be a special one during the world famous Car Festival (Ratha Yatra) - a festival of Lord Jagannath, who conquers the heart of each people from my place. This will have some special guests, who are very known faces worldwide in our odia community, and they are very much excited to know about us. It gives us confidence in better execution.

If you want to be connected with us, then here are our social media links :

Request you to subscribe our channel if possible, to help us grow.

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Your initiative is picking up so well and it's spreading so much of positive vibes. Loads of power to you guys. I am wondering how you are going to do the car festival virtually. Wish you all the very best dear.

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