Cryptobrewmaster: Complete guide for the Hops Farm

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In this post I will be explaining about the Hops Farm in #Cryptobrewmaster game. Also will give example on how to produce a quality Hops.


You can find the Hops Farm on the bottom right of the screen or the 5th Icon from the top on the left hand side.


Once you select the Building or the Farm you will see the option to rent the Fram from 1 day to 28 Days. Cost of the rent in the screen shot below.


As soon as you rent the Building you can either produce Local Bittering Hops or Local Aroma Hops.


All you need to produce Local Bittering Hops and Local Aroma Hope is Brewing Water and Energy.
If you have questions on how to get Brewing Water I got you covered on

You can select any one Bittering Hope or Aroma Hops and you will get same options

If you select Local Bittering Hops you will see

Time taken to Produce: 1:50:00 Minutes
Finish Now will cost you: 3.27 CBM

If you select Local Aroma Hops

Time taken to Produce: 2:10:00 Minutes
Finish Now will cost you: 3.87 CBM

As the condition of the above Building is 100% you have 83.66% chance of getting Blue or Outstanding Local Bittering or Aroma Hops.

As soon as your production is complete your Building condition will go down to 90.97% with 83.66% chance of getting Green or Good produce and you can see Outstanding has gone down to 10.46% from 83.66%. So it's always good to repair your Building to get a better quality produce.

Repair or Restoring the building will cost 1.95 CBM


Below you can see how the quality of the Produce changes with different quality of Brewing Water used when the Building condition is at 100%. I do not prefer using Normal or Good quality Brewing Water so I will show only with Outstanding, Excellent and Masterpiece Brewing Water.

I am assuming I can see 83.66% chance of getting outstanding Hop is because I do not have lower quality Brewing Water.

It does not matter if it's Bittering or Aroma Hops it will be the same % except the Time taken and Finish now cost.

Let's see the scenario with different Brewing Water.

With Outstanding Brewing Water:


With Outstanding Brewing Water you have 83.66% chance of getting Outstanding Hops and 2.61% Chance of getting Good and Masterpiece Hops.

With Excellent Brewing Water


With Excellent Brewing Water you have 47.67% chance of getting Excellent Hops, 43.67% Chance of getting Outstanding and 6.62% for Masterpiece Hops. Now you can see the % for Good Hops going down so there is less chance that you get Good or Neutral Hops from this point.

With Masterpiece Brewing Water


With Masterpiece Brewing Water you have 46.1% chance of getting Masterpiece Hops, 45.06% Chance of getting Outstanding and 6.99% for Excellent Hops.

Now keep in mind it's not 100% guarantee that you will get a Masterpiece Hops with Masterpiece Brewing Water there is always a chance of getting lower quality Hops too.

Let's see the overall cost and if it's worth Renting the Building and producing the Hops.

Rent Per Day: 15 CBM
Repair Cost: 1.65 CBM
"Time taken to produce"
Local Bittering Hops: 1:50:00 minutes
Local Aroma Hops: 2:10:00 minutes

If you are not using the finish now option lets say max you can produce 10 Local Bittering or Aroma Hops per day.

10 Units x 1.65 Repair cost = 16.5 CBM + 15 CBM (Rent) = 31.5 CBM overall cost per day.

Cost Per Bittering or Aroma Hops = 31.5 ÷ 10 = 3.15 CBM.

Current price in the Market for Neutral Local Bittering Hops at the time of this post is 3.36 CBM and Local Aroma Hops is 2.4 CBM.

Now you can decided if you want to Rent the Building and Produce the Hops or Buy from the Market. I would suggest producing it as you will get better quality produce at the same price.

Also once you rent the building you can only produce 10 units as per the example. I was able to produce 12 in a day without using the Finish Now option.

Here is my latest 10 produce of Aroma and Bittering Hops. Hope it helps. As you can see most of them are Outstanding Hops.


If you have not registered yet and are interested in playing the game feel free to click on the below link to register and claim your free Cards or Resources.


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Thanks for this guide, it's really helpful! This kind of documentation is still missing in game (or I haven't found it yet)
Where did you find the probability for masterpiece products with respect to the building condition?

Thank you glad you liked it. Actually even i was not able to find any documentation so thought why not create one so that it would help someone.
Once you open any building at the bottom of the screen you should be able to see the % of the product again its not 100% guaranteed that if your building is at 100% you will get Masterpiece, Excellent or Outstanding product. Sometimes I have used Masterpiece Water and received Good or Green Product.