CryptoBrewMaster: Passport Info and Benefits


Cryptobrewmaster passport, why do I need it, and what's the benefits?

We would like to announce in advance that from 20.04 Citizen Passport will be the one and only requirement for trading on the Local Market

We planning on working on the NFT Marketplace, that is gonna support all our internal and external projects. We are thinking on the Idea, that the stacked passport could cut the NFT minting fees or the market fee.

As well you can use it in the upcoming releases of the @oceanplanet and another project we are about to represent in future.

How can I get ASH?

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the Local Market

Does this mean the existing in-game Market building, the NFT Marketplace, or both?

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For the listing of countries, why no Hivelandia? 😎

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That's a nice idea!
Yes, Local internal market will require the passport!

cool, i would love to have ASH

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But are you still able to sell beers in the pub without it?

Im not too fond of needing to invest 29 hive to do what I am already doing.

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@karinxxl you can brew, use pub without passport for now

Cool sounds good! Thx

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Интересные нововведения намечаются, приятно, что проинформировали про паспорта с достаточным запасом Спасибо за игру.

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