CryptoBrewMaster: Midnight Project NFT drop announced

in Hive Gaming2 months ago (edited)

Cryptobrewmaster starts a brewery onboarding program!

We are happy to introduce our latest cooperation with a Midnight Project!

Midnight Project is a contract brewery based in Minsk, Belarus. They are having the unique Untappd rating of 4.18 - check em here -

The idea is to onboard the breweries to the Blockchain, integrate them into the @cryptobrewmaster game, and introduce them to the NFT space, so if you run a brewery, and want to be represented by CryptoBrewMaster - please contact us at

We believe that there is so much art in the beer labels world, so why not creating NFT's out of it!

Check the NFT arts that are going to be created in terms of our further cooperation with Midnight Project!


Drop date TBA
Please follow our social media to stay tuned for the future drop!

Our cooperation plan with a Midnight Project goes like this:

  • 6 Cryptobrewmaster \ Midnight Project NFT's dropped on WAX
  • 5 of the NFT's are the beer labels artworks
  • The NFT drop is officially
  • When sold out, we create a WAX-Hive Bridge and release the Midnight Project Beer in game
  • Funds received from the NFT sale go to cover the integration job + HP increasing for a @cryptobrewmaster players support


Join main card Mint 1 auction


Promo Video


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