CBM NFT's Explained

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NFT´s classification

There are many different types of NFT but we can split them into two groups

- Artifacts

- Items and equipment


Then in Items and equipment we have many different, but instead to talk one by one i will explain different functionalities of them.

Items and equipment

Some NFT can be equipped in every building and others are just for specific facilities.

NFT places.png

This type of card has modifiers to embed on the production buildings. Two identical cards cant be equipped on the same build. There are 5 different types of effects and some cards could have more than one modifier in them. Also, there are five places on buildings to equip cards.


Efficiency is a modifier increasing the chances of getting higher quality ingredients/beers in the equipped building.



Brewery without any Efficiency upgrades


Brewery with Efficiency NFT's set


Condition Cost.png

Condition are modifiers to prevent the decay on buildings when brewing starts, this also impacts the chances of getting high-quality materials. When brewing starts, decaying less maintains the operation at full efficiency capacity.



Water Tower % condition loss after 1 mining with no upgrade


Water Tower % condition loss after 1 mining with upgrade


Finish Now.png

Finish Now Price: Reduce price for instant task finish. Not much to explain here



No upgrades Regular Pilsner Finish Now Price


Full upgraded brewery


restore price.png

Restore Price: Discount when repairing buildings.



Malt House No Upgrade


Malt House Full Upgrade


crafting time.png

Crafting time: Reduces time of brewing and also impacts on “Finish Now” cost



Malt House No Upgrade


Malt House Upgraded


Unlocking Building Slots:

unlocking slots.png

Each block cost double than his previous unlocked square. It looks expensive, but when your building is equipped you start paying less for the ingredients or with better quality.

This is a return for your investment because getting better quality materials paying the same is a less expensive production, which opens the field to produce more and rank better on weekly events.

When everything is unlocked the rent is FREE FOREVER because you OWN the build. The only structure not working on this system is the Brew House, it depends on the facility you have installed.


Brew House.png

Brew House types, available blocks depend on the facility you have installed on your building. There are four types, at the start, you have one for free.

Brew House facilities have their own NFT equipment with fixed slots. There are four types available.




This NFTs are created to upgrade materials by combining them. At free cost and instant, done on the Academy ---> Enhancement Lab

2 regular materials can be changed in 1 green

green enhancer 2 neutrals.png

2 greens (or 4 regulars) can be changed in 1 blue

2 blue (or 8 regulars, or 4 green) can be changed in 1 pink


2 pink (or 16 regulars, or 8 greens or 4 blues) can be changed in 1 GOLD

Important note: Artifacts doesn't burn after they used, and can be used forever!

These cards can only be obtained by buying and opening the Improver Packs or by using @nftmart - https://nftm.art/buy/cbm

50% goes to @cre47iv3 (thanks for the cool pics!)


Cool game. Always wondered what the purpose of the slots was

Артефакти багаторазові чи одноразові?


І ще питання - сам по собі тип броварні якось впливає на показники варки чи ремонту? Чи різниця лише в кількості слотів під апргейди?

в количестве слотов

Guess i better raid my hive piggy bank again to buy more cards

i wish somebody explain me the passport part...
cause without it you really can't do nothing, right?

No! Passport is only for withrawal CBM outside the game! And the trick is to spent CBM in order to compete for the weekly rewards

follow this link for participating on a giveaway of NFT for your buildings!




@mr-humildad! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @cre47iv3.

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A very nice summary.

I hope more people participate in getting and trading those NFTs.

hermano exelente explicacion

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