Supporter Video | Kamala uses fake “journalist” to ask padded question | Vax side effects site

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Supporter Video | Kamala uses fake “journalist” to ask padded question | Vax side effects site

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Hi, Ed! Great content as per usual. I just wanted to let you know just in case there are any hiccups on like the other day, you can always upload to the desktop app and self host regardless if 3speak is working or not. - So no matter what, from no on you can upload your videos to Hive and have them play (others can download and backup the video as well, I backed this video up) and no one can stop you.

Thanks man, that sounds like a great app - will check it out - at the moment, it seems to be going well for me though - its not that long of encoding time - but will check out the app and take a look - 3speak is great, and i hope in the future more people will use it!

She is so mentally unstable that she could never play poker. Anytime anything makes her uncomfortable her immediate default response is to laugh and make up things.

Worst vice president ever. And fraudulently holding office.

It is a strange thing alright - its like she is from a movie or something - she is an exaggerated form of crazy, really, and everyone can see it - I guess that is at least a silver lining to all this, they know what they are dealing with!

You can tell she is grossly unqualified to hold office.

Her public speaking skills are absolute garbage she's completely indecisive and extremely transparent as a diplomat.

Playing poker and diplomacy have a lot to do with each other you can't have somebody like her trying to negotiate or represent the country this is pandering.

We are an absolute embarrassment to the world right now

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Alex Jones is now the smartest man in the room!
... and honestly, I'm okay with that.