Supporter Video | What the “inventor of the mRNA” vaccine says about side effects in censored podcast

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In this video I talk about a censored podcast in which the inventor of the mRNA vaccine talked about the side effects - the source video was censored from youtube - but can be found on bitshute and elsewhere -

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To be clear, the podcast is not censored. The full 3+ hour conversation is still up on Bret's YT channel, with half a million views.

yeah it was for a bit, but then came back -now its gone - thanks for the feedback!

I've been going around and around with someone on another blog the last couple days trying to explain this to them why you don't vaccinate during a pandemic and they just absolutely refuse to believe it. Now I can send them over here to here it right from the horses mouth.

yeah, that was great that they done that interview - sad that youtube has now censored it :/