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RE: Julian Assange: A Death Sentence By Any Other Name…

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A clear example of the power of the SYSTEM.

It's funny how the elite can control what they want and CENSOR whoever they want.

It does not matter if he is telling the truth or it is a lie.

The point is that they censor those who are against or not under their guidelines or power.

I view this with great concern and wonder when the time will come for this to end or are we just at the beginning of a mental slavery and will live with a muzzle in our mouth.

Who knows, we will have to wait and see if that moment comes.


You'll have to forgive my pessimism but I believe this is only the beginning. The truth is the only threat to the elites' hold on power. Although I'm no fan of Alex Jones he serves as an example to us all of what can happen when you question the official narrative.

All thought is free and each point of view has great value.

Yes, I think so.

why don't you publish a picture of the school exit where the children of this judge (or her sister) go to? Ah you beg the judge... okay... so beg.