Canada Day Cancelled? THESE Are The People Who Want THE CHURCHES TO BURN!!!

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6 Catholic Churches have been burnt to the ground after unmarked graves were found with the remains of indigenous children at some of Canada’s residential schools. These church burnings which constitutes hate crimes are showing no signs of slowing as the nation continues to mourn. Meanwhile according to some polls about 30% of Canadians are in favour of “cancelling Canada Day” as a way of raising more awareness about what happened to the native people at the hands of the government and the Catholic Church. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with the people of Vancouver about the idea to cancel Canada Day and whether to not they feel that church burnings are justified today as retaliation for crimes committed 100 years ago.

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No it wasn't fucking cancelled.

If someone online with a headline prevented you from going to the lake and having a beer today, you can thank people in the media like Dan Dicks here and everyone else regurgitating this nonsense required to create division and piss people off.

Fuck that. It's Canada Day. I'm drunk. Oh Canada.

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