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“Batman punches people in the face.” ...

This is my @memehive entry to the #meme #parody contest!
I guess this meme is trying to mean Batman can't get Covid cause it came from the lab in Wuhan because it was made from bats! haha!

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Batman better stay away from that wet market. 🦇🍲

Your competition is good. But what to do in this competition. And how can I play? thanks for sharing.

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Careful dear sir

Funny and good massage

Beautiful ❤️❤️

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Hahahahaha LMFAO. Verrrrrrry good, this just aroused my humorous glands😂🤣

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Very clever friend @coininstant

I am confident base on the explanation above Batman is the Virus carrier putting us all in danger.

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Hahahahaha 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 I agree with you


With this meme, you told the truth, Covid-19 has spread all over the world from the Wuhan lab itself.

this is a nice and meaningful meme @coininstant

You are right to say that it was made of bats and started from Wuhan and spread all over the world

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Quite a very funny meme. Would be really impossible.

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Wait, how can you get covid as a variant if you are getting vaccinated with a dead cell of the original covid, makes no sense...

It's normal, natural selection, and what's expected to happen as viruses mutate from one strain to another. The viruses revolve, and develop different shapes of protein spikes. The vax is like a key, like a bitcoin wallet, when the virus changes the instructions don't fit in the keyholes any more. Vaccines are able to protect agains many simple drift mutations, but not entire shift mutations,like fitting a square peg Into a round virus hole, that would be a shift in the whole structure, and would need a whole new vax.. lol
Well the MRNA doesn't use an actual dead cell, it uses a set of specified instructions to help the immune system locate the virus, so when it shift mutates it's like the virus is trying to create a new shape creating an invisibility cloak, thus the mrna would need an update to see it. Eventually they will come up with multiple combinations of mutation virus shift probabilities, a smart(er) vax that predicts mutants.

Wow, then is not like polio vax or the old tetanus vax, is more a reactive vax than i originally thought so, but labs working on smart(ers) vax would not be actually mutating the virus to produce vax for it? that would be dangerous if a break happens :S, right?

So they shifted the whole vax focus to become more about live evolving viruses than dead cells, that is a whole new thing. No wonder the people front the goverment don't wanna vaccinate my fiancée, as a pregnant woman, is hard to use a vax willout knowing what could go wrong...

And these vax are still too experimental, right?

Oh yeah they are still experimental, however mrna has been around for a long time. They are still very experimental, until standard tests on humans can be done, probably another decade of tests.


1961! It truly have being a long time developing it.