Ecotrain question of the week season 7#4. MEMORIES.

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Memories are what I am left with after every second that turns back on me. Sometimes is the controller of self.



I am Danladi Samson, 27 years old but soon will be clocking 28 this year in November God willing. My dad passed on in 2004 and as the last born of my family, I had many people comfort me and my elder brother who is the first son of my father, and later in 2009, my mum passed on too but still I was loved and still loved by many who want me to stay with them. Sometimes I ask myself what will be my profit after all this school and acquiring wealth when my parent is not alive to enjoy the fruit of their labor, memories of my parents and friends we started the struggle with are gone for good and their memories flashes in my heart and mind often. I get discouraged when I have my quiet moment and think slowly what is the meaning of life when I will soon die. In my hardship, I remember them and in times of enjoyment, I still remember them, memories of my beloved are fresh as the leaves of a plant on the stream of life that never runs dry nor withers but gives its fruit every season.

           My fault

Every human is working towards building something good or evil but we offend people in the process knowingly or unconsciously. I'm someone who blames myself for other people's mistakes holding my consciousness and never letting me grow, and having fear and being too careful to hurt anyone, I do feel if I was more prayerful my parents, friends wouldn't have to be dead. Broken relationships affect me mentally and psychologically as I hold myself responsible for what I committed and the ones I didn't and also thinking about people I mate in life who needed help but could not get any physical help but prayed for.

Memories will make you walk fast without you noticing,
Memories will make you talk on the road like a Maths teacher( my secondary maths teacher)
Memories can put a speck on your eyes not to see the future but your predicament.
Some memories can lead to trauma, be careful.
Some memories lead to underdevelopment trying to keep the ancestral home or not leaving a home you and your wife build before she passed on.

I want to let go of the memories that are my weakness and leave a brand new life.