Supporter Video | Presidential "Coke button" missing from Biden's desk

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*3 speak down for me at the moment

In this supporter video I go into Presdentail coke button missing from Biden's desk. Timecodes and mirror below and thank you for your support!

Clip reel:

Clip reel and summary:

BBs stockpiled:

Presidential coke button missing:

Other news:


Appreciate your content thank you.

I am going to try and drive people your way while out and about blogging, it would be helpful staying consistent posting your videos on the various sites. I was going to put up the first one the other day but could only find a current one on three speak and I am not sure if I posted a link to three speak it would should up on blog sites or not. Tonight I put you out on the Coconut Whispers blog site and will work my way towards others. Just trying to be helpful, I think you give a lot of insight into things that are out there, you put a lot of work into it and your honesty and integrity is par above the rest.

Thanks mate, glad you found it interesting! Going check out your blog as well, sounds like an interesting name "coconut whisper"!

It's not my blog I am just a moderator on there. I didn't volunteer to be one they just opted to "volunteer" me. lol. I've been a moderator on several sites but I am not much good at it, or at least in how some view it. It's that echo chamber thing, dissenting voices not allowed. To me everyone who can hold a rational discussion should be allowed. I guess over there they are just happy to let me Neanderthal around with a name tag, lol.