CryptoBrewMaster 2-Row Barley Malt Challenge Report

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Hey there Hivians,

I have spent the last few days producing 2-Row Barley Malt. It has been a relatively expensive, but worthy endeavor!

I gained a lot of experience from renting and using the production facilities as I had not tried them prior. I started off by growing 2-Row Barley in the Grain field. Once my first run was complete, I used it in the Malt House to produce 2-Row Barley Malt.

Since the malt house takes almost double the time per run than the grain field, I started another cycle to produce more 2-Row Barley. I maintained this process of growing 2-Row Barley while simultaneously producing 2-Row Barley Malt until I ran out of funds.

Overall, it was a great experience, but the lack of demand forced me to stop as sales could not keep up with production.




Hey, I just recently started with cryptobrewmaster. Can you recommend an article/intro/howto to get started? I do a few of the daily claims and eventually end up with the ingredients for one beer after several days. How to 'scale' this up? Does it need buying CBM, or is there a free-to-play way?

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Hey there! Welcome to the CBM community. First and foremost, you DO NOT need to buy CBM to play. That being said, it definitely helps speed your progress up. I would focus on getting to know the mechanics before investing much. I;m still relatively new myself. Lots to learn!

Here are 2 articles that you should checkout.

The first is by @chubb149 ----> Article Link

The other is by @preparedwombat ----> Article Link

Just remember that everyone has different priorities in the game, so a strategy that works for one, may not work for you.

Also, check out the @cryptobrewmaster discord if you haven't yet.

Feel free to reach out to me as well for any questions and I will try to answer :)

oh, thanks a lot for the links! I'll go through them carefully :)

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Thanks for the mention

Thanks for the great article :)

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