2000 Canadians defy harsh lockdown orders to rally, laugh, and dance

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▶️ A strict lockdown, mandatory masking, and social distancing were all ignored for an evening, as 2000 Canadians gathered as a community to defy unjust and destructive Covid regulations. Ted Kuntz, Alex the Comic, and Chris Sky gave motivational speeches, with Harvest Ministries providing music.

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These clips are banned on YouTube because they show people not social distancing and not wearing masks.

This ends when we stand together.



Alex the Comic seems funny! Ted Kuntz is such a good speaker! Chris Sky sure has balls! What a great event! :)

Yeah the Alex guy is pretty hilarious. Good comics aren't afraid to get a bit dirty!
So interesting how people act when they've been apart for months/years. The silly dancing was telling. Giddy adults and the odd person with a tear in their eye.
We must protect these freedom rallies and keep up the pressure!

We need to #justsayno!
They're jabbing little kids without parental consent now..... this must end :(

This ends when we stand together.

I hear MediKatie is working on a sign saying pretty much exactly that :))
Surely it will appear in a post soon.

I sure am! Almost done...It's looking good, it just needs...

Yeah, with our fists (instead of our asses) in the air!

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