Who's been selling BTC? Who's been buying? Who's been holding?

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Know when to hold 'em, when to fold 'em, and when to walk away. Or something like that :D


Whether you hold or sell, it's all good as far as I'm concerned. If you need some fiat to buy stuff that people only take fiat for, it's a great time to sell.

Bitcoin might go up more in the next month or more and you can sell some then and buy what you need/want, or buy back in when it drops which is mostly likely will. Maybe it won't but that would be highly unlikely that there won't be a big sell off coming soon (as there always is when all time highs happen).

Even if you hold, Bitcoin is going to go up in the next few years, as it always does. Holding is the best thing if you don't need any fiat money to buy stuff with. The rewards will be greater further down the line.

I could be wrong. Maybe it will never go past $50k, ever. Hahaha. Yeah right. Whatever you do, it's all good. There is risk in any decision, so make your own mind and don't just listen to what others say. Past behavior is an indicator of future behavior though (up to a certain point).

I know from selling some on Monday, and selling some today, I gave the BTC exchange a nice $1,900 USD at the $39,000 price mark. Oh well. You can't know if it's going to go up or down when a new ATH is reached. So you get what you get.

Did you sell? Did you buy? Or just hold on for the future reapings in years to come?

What is your rationale when it comes to the volatile Bitcoin?

Are you buying other alt coints? (I'm not hehe) Looking back, I spent a lot of BTC on shitcoins when I should have just held onto BTC. Ah well, I learned my lesson now. Maybe you see it differently.



I have my shit coin trading account to basically try and make more bitcoin, but yeah, it seems its best to just hold bitcoin, as everything else follows it anyway.

I sold a bit and was waiting for a dip but yeah.... It really seems the institutions are after bitcoin. The 24% dip the other day was bought up instantly, regular money cant do that. I watched it in front my own eyes, within seconds gobbled up

I was watching it on binance today, saw the pump, then saw the sell off and pump back up lol. What's "regular money", the regular folks with not much money? It's definitely people with lots of money hehe.

HAHAHA yup, regular money like me and you posting on HIVE 😄

what a hot question, and your post is just to my sphere of interest now;) I wanted to see some opinions of wise cryptomen here, but people are rather closed about the topic;) do they know anything super important and hide it from us?:) or they just are lost like many other?:) all articles that I've read are sure - btc will grow to the moon, 100-200-300,000$ very soon. but "very soon" for them can last years for us, right?:) and another point - are these articles interested in telling us right news and predictions? as a rule the truth is just the opposite;) In this case I do think btc will grow, so eveyone needs to decide when he really needs fiat urgently. Life isn't endless, and we can't wait for years..I hold it for now, but amn't sure when the next rise (after this fall that will be soon, I think) will happen.
what do you think? when the price can reach this golden 100-300,000$ as experts promise?

I don't that will happen this year, I think only, maybe, in 3 years at the next big bull run. But maybe it will happen before then, who knows. I don't think people should sell most of what they have. I just sold a bit, holding most.

expert shout about 100k$ this year in the end, and then rapid fall to 10-15K...we need to catch the moment;)but who knows....why they shout about it in all web articles...maybe it's a trick to catch such hamsters like me;)?

My plan is to sell ALTS...possibly I will sell a little portion of BTC when it hit 150K

I have some ETH, but I don't consider that a shitcoin :P I'll hold onto that, but yeah, the other alts... not sure. I bought some Dash years ago and it's worth like 20-30x less now... lol

I'm not the market (hell I don't even have the money to play the market). I have considered selling some tether for btc but it seems like a big risk but everytime I hold back it goes up. I have a theory that when I indeed buy the price will drop. So I am just sitting this won out will everyone have fun. Earning hive and leo is enough for me.

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Well maybe in a decade hive will be worth selling ;) Don't sell it now that's for sure hehe.

I’m a little bit hesitant to sell because I think need to start reporting this year to avoid BS down the line...I haven’t held for a year yet so the rates will likely be much higher...

Fuck the government. How are they going to know what you have? It will probably go higher indeed :D

lol I share your sentiments but uhhhh Coinbase is how they will know what I have.

I did have sell orders in for $13K and $18K, cancelled those a while back, now I just cant' bring myself to sell - I did say to myself I'll take some profit around now, or at least sometime in the $40 000s but I just can't bring myself to sell - if it every hits $90K I'd be a lot more tempted!

Hehe I know what you mean. But that's what I did in 2017/2018, and sold some when it went down more and didn't buy up when it was lower. Will BTC stay above 30k? Above 40k? Will the big money keep it high and buy off all the ppl willing to sell it now, while it rises and never goes below 40k in the near future? Who knows. Hindsight is good, I see I should have sold in 2017 and bought it at 3k... but you cant see the future.

I was told putting your crypto in a compounded interest wallet is better then using alt coins.

Sounds good, I think those are just called wallets though :P as the value increases over time lol. Maybe it's areal thing though.. I don't know...

I’m doing research on it now, I was told to look into Celsius which is one of the first sites to do it I guess.

I have bought bitcoin and I’m letting it sit in the account as bitcoin is growing so much these last couple of months!

Smart move!

You really think that's the wisest move? Because that's what so many will be doing, so alts are going to rise after the BTC bull run, as that is normally the pattern? That's an option. Which alts are you looking to flip into?

BTC TARGET $395,270.00

8.26 is 11,800% of 0.07 - Stellar Lumens
2,299.00 is 5,225% of 44.00 - Litecoin
3,441.00 is 1,654% of 208.00 - Ethereum
395,270.00 is 2,075% of 19,044.00 - Bitcoin


I'm powering-down my HIVE and buying Stellar.

Hehe, although these predictions might come true, they also might not (probably not afaic). What's so hot about Stellar? Forgive my ignorance :P


Those predictions in the cited video are phenomenally accurate.

hi, I lightened up a little at the 40k level as euphoria was kicking in, but holding as in bull markets a 2x is too small, if this head&shoulder pattern does actually not realize and we point to way lower levels... otherwise i think ETH will be more resilient than its dad. Don't you like ETH?